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Top 10 Organic Baby Product Must Have’s

As a new mommy, there are an overwhelming number of products for new babies out there and it’s hard to determine what is safe to have and if you are getting the right ones for your child. Being a natural and organic mama is a good choice that new mamas make. At the same time, it is important that if this is your choice, that you do some research on the different brands and products that you are looking to purchase. Researching these items is usually overwhelming.

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How do you know what is the best to choose? Where to start? What do you absolutely need? Which are the best companies? That’s what we’re here for. We’re here to start off your research and give you ideas on what direction to go in! We will provide you with a place to start in your research, give you the basics and some suggestions of great companies with great products, and then you can take it from there what direction you want to go in. Here are the top 10 products that we think new organic and natural mamas should look at.

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  1. Teething items- As a new mom it is important to make sure that all items going into your child’s mouth is organic and are not made with chemicals. Many teething necklaces or teething wood are great ideas to use when choosing to go all natural.
  2. Organic Cotton Stuffed Animals– Whether you are looking just for stuffed animals to put in the baby room or for a comforting side animal, make sure to look for ones that are eco-friendly and 100% Natural Organic Cotton. Having stuffed animals that use hypoallergenic polyester filling for sensitive skin is important for infants. A few other key details to look for are that it is also dye free, no bleaches are used no pesticides, no GMO’s and NO flame retardants.
  3. Organic Burp Cloths– As a new mama, you are going to be using lots of burp clothes, more than you think! There are so many to choose from, but focusing on burp clothes that are 100% Egyptian organic cotton and GOTS certified are important since you will be wiping your babies face mostly with this cloth. There should be absolutely no colorants, flame retardants or fragrances.
  4. Natural Shampoo + Baby Wash– Washing your baby’s hair is hard enough, especially when they are screaming the first times in the bath. You want to make sure you are using products that are easy on their skin and their eyes just in case. When searching for the right product, look for on that focuses on a baby’s sensitive skin and create lotion without artificial fragrances, colors, alcohol and petroleum products.
  5. Natural Nipple Butter – As a new mama who is breastfeeding, you want to protect the source of food for your baby. Nipple Butter is used to help protect your nipples from getting cracked and sore. Look for a product that is lanolin-free, zero toxin calendula cream for breastfeeding mamas. As a new mama, you will need this, your nipples do get very dry. Putting on a natural lotion that has no chemicals in it is very important.
  6. Diapers – There are so many diapers out there! Cheap, expensive, brands, etc. Look for the diapers that are made without chlorine processing, latex, lotions, fragrances and optical brighteners. There are many choices out there so do your research first before picking your diapers.
  7. Glass Baby Bottles – Glass bottles are dishwasher safe it can withstand extreme temperature changes. Looking for glass bottles will help find you all-natural nipples as well. They should be made of all-natural rubber which is free of harmful chemicals. Most people don’t realize that glass is the safer choice because it is free from the harmful chemicals in plastic bottles.[Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash]
  8. Organic Formula – Sometimes breastfeeding does not always go as planned and you need to have a good backup to help you feed your baby. Having an organic formula will put you at ease with knowing you are providing the right food for your baby. Most organics formulas are made without corn syrup solids added, made with organic non-fat milk from cows that are fed organic grain and hay grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. There are no genetically engineered ingredients. It is worth considering an organic formula.
  9. Talc Free Baby Powder– Baby powder will be something that you will carry with you all over. It is important to have one that is okay for your baby’s health. Starting off right away avoiding harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. This baby powder is talc-free, fragrance free, non-toxic, 100% natural and USDA certified organic.
  10. Chemical Free Wipes– Wipes are going to be a constant part of your life starting from day one. Look for the wipes that provide chemical free wipes. These are all natural, soft and strong, no fragrance or oils, and are great with sensitive skin. Since you will be using these constantly, it is important to choose ones that are chemical and fragrant free.

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Discover products for a Happy MAMAHOOD – MaMaAndPeaches

This is just the beginning of joining the natural and organic mama world on there. Make sure to research further into what specific companies that you believe are the best choice for your family for natural and organic products for babies. This list of organic baby products are important must have’s that as a new mom that you will need to buy prior to the baby being born. Finding natural baby products always seems tougher than finding products that are not but know that it’s not any more difficult. Planning out your products can help you when shopping for new baby products. Take the time to research and plan, your baby is worth it.

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