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Amy Schumer’s Relatable Pregnancy Jokes

By February 8, 2019Blog

Now that is what we call getting real. Shunning the stereotypical happy mama face, Amy Schumer the comedian, decided to give the world a peek into her “not so easy” pregnancy through some of her wonderfully relatable jokes.


While clearly happy about being pregnant, Amy spoke plainly to state she does not like the experience.


While her Instagram fans have been privy to her jokes through a series of posts for some time now, Amy struck a cord with the crowd at her recent show in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. She went on to explain how amused she is when people try to guess the gender of her baby with still six moths to go. Jokingly she said, she knows it is going to be a baby!


Amy is through the first trimester of her pregnancy and while it is normal to not always be excited about being pregnant, many women never express.


Amy’s jokes about her own pregnancy and how she feels about it has definitely made speaking about unpleasant experiences all right for many. For, pregnancy is a tough journey and while most women love being pregnant, it is not really a smooth sail. Every pregnancy is different and has its own set of problems. Speaking out about it is not so bad after all.

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