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Gift for baby shower

Attending your best friend’s baby shower soon? Wondering what gift could tell her how special this occasion is to you?

Mama and Peaches knows how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for a baby shower.

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So, to make life easier for you, we put together a list of some of the best gifts for a baby shower. We are sure that these gifts will not only be useful but will also be cherished for a long time.

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Top baby shower gifts

  •  Baby floor seats: Baby floor seats are a God sent when mommy needs some hands free time to finish up her chores. These specially designed chairs come with a safety belt that the baby can sit in comfortably. And, to top it all, it teaches the little one to sit up by himself or herself easily.   


  • Cribs and Bassinets: This is one of the best baby shower gifts if you are pooling in as a group. You can also buy rockers and cradles that are automated to save mom and dad the trouble. Mama and Peaches knows that a bassinet can be expensive for new moms and dads to buy. So if you can pitch in, you will certainly be doing them a great favour
  • Birth sets for the baby: The first time the baby is introduced to the world, he must look like a star. Pick up a birth set which includes all the essentials such as booties, gloves, caps, onesies, socks and even napkins for the baby. You can get beautifully crafted boxes and baskets that will have everyone going gaga over it.


  • Baby carrier: Make it easier for moms and dads to carry out their chores while holding the baby close. Choose a baby carrier that is flexible and breathes well to make sure that the little one is comfortable. It is very important to make sure that the straps are sturdy for the safety of the baby.

Practical baby shower gifts

  • Nursing covers: Make feeding time comfortable for mom. Easy to use and easy to maintain nursing covers are something that she will thank you for. All she has to do is slip one on whe it is time to feed the baby. This means that she does not have to invest in specially made nursing tops and blouses either. They make it a lot easier for her to feed the baby in public without any hassles.
  • Freeze organizer: Considering that most moms are turning to breast milk pumping these days, this is one of the most practical baby shower gifts. You can buy these special frozen contraptions online. They help store breastmilk properly and ensure that it is safe for the baby to consume. It is a great way to organize breast milk so that the oldest milk is used first.
  • Baby bibs: The variety of baby bibs that you can get today is outstanding. We vote for the soft plastic bibs with a collecting cup at the bottom. You can simply wash off the food that spills. That way mommy will not have the additional burden of washing dirty cloth bibs.

Handmade baby shower gift ideas

  • Baby blankets and swaddler: If you can learn the art of quilting, making a customized blanket and swaddlers for the little one. You will get bonus points from the baby and from the parents for using pieces from garments of the parents. That will keep the baby snuggly and warm and will always make him or her feel like mom or dad is close by.
  • Baby vow box: This is a priceless gift that you can make for the baby to come. Make a list of 365 vows for the baby. For instance, “I will always make you smile”, “I will be there to help mommy and daddy take care of you always “ and so on. Include a few vows towards your friends as well to make this handmade baby shower gift idea extra special.


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