How to Choose The Best Preschool

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Choosing a pre school

Once your child is over 1 year 10 months, you start thinking about getting him/her into a preschool where he/she will learn many things. Preschool is the first step to your child’s academic journey, which serves as a basis for all the future learning.

Apart from teaching rhymes, alphabets and numbers, a preschool teaches a number of life skills at an early age. The child also learns to be independent, follow directions, share things and much more at her playschool.

As a parent, you want to be confident that you choose the right preschool for your child, but it is difficult to make this choice as you have so many options available these days.

Here Are Some Tips to Choose the Best Preschool For Your Child


  • Health and Hygiene


One of the factors that you should not negotiate for or compromise on is health and the hygiene factor. The preschool, which maintains a healthy environment and practices hygiene, is a sign of a well-maintained and clean preschool. The ambience must be well sanitized and properly ventilated.



  • Caring and Qualified Teachers


Always make sure that you check if the teachers appointed in the preschools are adequately qualified. Children learn mannerisms and many habits at school. Therefore, the school staff must be polite and caring, as dealing with kids needs a lot of patience.



  • Safety and Security


One of the vital factors that the parents need to look at when choosing a preschool is the safety and security factor. Safety of the children should be the first priority of the preschool that you choose. The preschool must be equipped with CCTV cameras so that the kids remain under supervision all the time. The furniture and toys must be kid-friendly. The teachers and the school staff must be well trained with first aid and emergency training.



  • Communication


It is important to take feedback on how the school staff communicates and interacts with the parents. You must find out the frequency of these interactions, how approachable are they, how are the circulars sent and what are their policies on dealing with impromptu visits. A school must never be unapproachable and keep parents out of the loop of communication.



  • Distance and transportation


Considering the tender age of the child, it is always advisable to choose a preschool that is not very far from your house so that in case of emergency you can always reach your child at the earliest. Lesser travel time also ensures that your little one does not tire easily. Also check for planned and scheduled transportation for easy commuting everyday.  



  • Environment


The school must be situated in an area which is not very secluded, it should be a clean surrounding with proper lighting facilities. The indoor environment must be such that it is child friendly and has suitable kids’ furniture, print rich classrooms, space for sandpit and play-area, and clean and sanitized washrooms.



  • Budget


You must be very clear on the monthly budget that you can allocate for the fees of your child’s school. The same must be calculated keeping in mind the extra expenses that one has to incur in terms of stationary, kits, fancy dresses, picnic fee etc. Shortlist the schools that fall under your budget.

Being prepared will ease the process of selecting a preschool for your little one. Successful parents go into the process well aware and informed with ready questions to ask for. Preschool must be a place where your child learns to love to go to school and learns to love learning. So make sure you pick the right one.


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