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Best Pregnancy Gifts for first time Moms

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Motherhood is an extremely exciting phase. You have days of the highest highs and the lowest of lows. However, through it all, the best part is having your loved ones by your side, doing everything that they can to make you feel special.

Whether it is your sister, your spouse, your friend, or even a close colleague at work, one of the best things that you can do is to pamper mommy-to-be with gifts. The question is, what does she really want. After all, when you are buying gifts for first time expectant mothers, you want it to be nothing short of special.

Pregnancy Gifts for first time Moms




Give The Gift Of A Happy Mamahood


Discover products for a Happy MAMAHOOD – MaMaAndPeaches


How to make first time mommy feel special


The gift that you choose for a first time mom cannot simply be a product that you wrap in fancy paper and hand it over. There are a whole lot of emotions that you are putting into that package. You want to tell her that you are excited for her, that this is going to be the best time of her life and through everything, you will be around to help her out.

Here are some fantastic ideas pregnancy gifts for first time moms India:

  • Pamper her silly

Bath salts, body butters, calming essential oils, moisturizers and a lot more can be added to your list. Look for products that are organic and safe for her to use. The more the natural ingredients, the more pampered she will feel. Aromatherapy and other ways to rejuvenate are so important for her during this time. They just let her calm down and take a break from the nagging pregnancy thoughts and, of course, the million changes her life is probably going through.


  • Reminder her of the yummy mummy she is


Sometimes women can feel like a total mess during their pregnancy. Let’s face it, you just don’t feel like changing out of those sweatpants or even doing your hair. But, which girl does not love new makeup, clothes and accessories. They are always give you that push that you need to add some glam into your life. Organic make up products make a great little care package and make the perfect birthday gifts for expecting mothers.


  • Help her prepare for her little peach


Making sure that the little one has everything that he or she needs when they finally arrive is not easy. So, share the load with mommy to be. You can pick out several baby items such as toys, clothes, or even books to prepare well into the future. The choices with baby products are endless. In addition, they are just so cute and adorable that you will want to buy them all.


  • The route to a happy mommy through her stomach


Yes, pregnancy comes with a myriad of cravings for some specific foods. If you know your friend or spouse’s special cravings, make it even more special for her by gifting her the same food, from a gourmet collection. Find some specially packaged gourmet foods that she can enjoy when she has those unbearable cravings, especially the troublesome late night cravings.


  • Make wonderful memories each day


Souvenirs can go a long way. Sometimes even a handwritten letter can be the gift that moves mommy to be to tears. Frames, trinkets and even customized gifts can be perfect for mommy to be. She will love them and will look back on these special gifts that mark special days long after the baby has arrived.


Let us take care of everything


Why buy just one gift for expectant mothers when you can have it all. Mama and Peaches brings to you specially curated boxes that include just about anything that a first time mom may need. These boxes contain products that are handpicked by the founders, Tanya and Varun Ghai. Being new parents themselves, they know exactly what needs to go in each box. All the products are organic and completely safe for mommy and the baby.

These boxes contain beauty products, apparel, accessories, toys, souvenirs, baby products, make up and a lot more. Each box is beautifully designed to make just receiving one a special experience.

Of course, nobody likes monotony. That is why each month comes with a new theme to keep the mommy-to-be guessing. In addition to that, there is a special gift in each subscription box, every month.

How to get your box?

The box contains products worth Rs.3500 for just Rs.1999. You can order your gift box on the Mama and Peaches website. Choose from the monthly, 3-month, and 6-month packages to avail special discounts and offers as well.

Once you have chosen your subscription, a beautiful gift box will be delivered each month for the selected period.

Mama and Peaches believes that every first time mom is a star in her own right. In addition, all our products celebrate this and make sure that both mommy and the baby have a healthy and happy time.

Discover products for a Happy MAMAHOOD – MaMaAndPeaches


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