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Buy Puzzle Games for kids online from Mama and Peaches and gift them some fun moments!

Give your child some fun-learning moments with puzzle games from Mama and Peaches. Our specially designed puzzle games for kids online are intended to sharpen their brain skills with every bit of fun they want from their games. Puzzle games are full of benefits for the kids’ development. While stimulating kids’ imagination and creativity, they help in enhancing their logical reasoning, cognitive skills, memory, communication skills, and hand-eye coordination. All these your children can gain by just giving them the puzzle game of their choice. 

Thus, no thinking twice while choosing games that engage your kids with a healthy dose of child development. Puzzles have to be the first choice. Here are some options for you to buy online puzzle games for kids from our online store of Mama and Peaches.

  • Puzzle sticks 

This product is thoughtfully designed for kids around 1.5 years. The design also makes it look exciting even to toddlers. This series has no interlocking pieces making it easy to move the sticks to play the game. These puzzle sticks train your toddler’s motor skills and sequencing skills, essential at this age. These sets consist of 24 double-sized puzzle sticks that create 8 different puzzle solutions. The image is attached with the puzzle set to help your kid through the fun.

  • Dress the professional 

This is an unconventional puzzle game where the kids are expected to play and learn about the different dress-ups used by various professionals. Specified for ages between 3 and 10, it comes with 30 wooden blocks. These blocks are designed to give the impression of the varied dress codes used by each professional. The primary block consists of a male and female figure outline where the dress-blocks are supposed to be set in and make the professionals. It is always better to give them physical puzzles rather than making them play free puzzle games online

  • Comprehensive English kit 

Want your child to develop his language skills in a no-pressure ambiance? Then, gift him this comprehensive set of English, early learning. This is a complete English kit, great to make your child start with their introduction to the language. It’s a device to assist kids from the preschool category and support them in early learning. It is a fun way to learn about basic English and gain some general knowledge, otherwise challenging at this age. The kit consists of 20 interactive sheets and flashcards, which are reusable. 

  • Memory and match ice cream factory 

This classic memory game is specially designed by our team at Mama and Peaches. It fulfills your child’s play moments with fun, pushing their memory skills while having amusement. The set comes with 10 large-sized pairs for your kid to have a comfortable play with a memory game. To play another game, ‘find the ice cream you have ordered,’ there are 10 large-sized cards within the set. The ink used for the instruction is an eco-friendly one as well. Thus, making the game set toxin-free.

  • Parquet frogs 3D 

Yes, you heard it right! They are 3 dimensional and super adorable. These parquet frogs are designed in such a way that they can be stacked one upon the other to create a tower-like structure, can be laid against each other, or whatever3D formation your child wants to make. The frogs are identical to each other and differ only in color. This game enhances visual perception. The child learns to differentiate between color shades and shapes. It also essentially teaches hand-eye coordination and motor skills. 

You may find several puzzle games for kids online! However, what we at Mama and Peaches promise is a unique experience with our products. They are not only entirely organic and appealing but also are thoughtful puzzle games to gift your child.