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Ways to Develop Your Baby’s Senses in the Womb Itself

By February 5, 2019Blog

Scientists say that even though you cannot look at your baby inside the womb, it does not mean that your baby too is ignorant of the world outside. The fact is that your little one’s five senses of hearing, Taste, Smell, touch, and sight start to develop in your womb itself.


However, according to researchers the adequate development of these senses depends on the stimuli your baby receives. It is important that the developing baby gets a balanced stimulus to promote development. Here is what you can do.


#1. Hearing

Around the time when the baby is 16 weeks old, the hearing senses begin to get stronger, and the baby can listen to sounds from mama’s world. Studies have established that babies can remember or associate with songs and stories they heard inside the womb. They also show affinity towards the mother’s voice.

What you can do – Read to your baby when you are pregnant and listen to soft songs, lullabies, or classical music. Avoid listening to very loud music and agitated beats. It may affect the baby negatively.  


#2. Sight

Your baby is able to detect light by week 16.

What to do – You can promote your little one’s healthy vision by eating foods rich in Vitamin A. Provide ample stimulus by stepping out in daylight everyday as your baby can make out the difference. Researchers have found cigarette smoking to be injurious to visual development. Avoid it.


#3. Touch

Around the 19th week, the growing baby starts being sensitive to touch. However, research in this regard is still insufficient. Yet, tactile care is a vital aspect after the baby is born.

What you can do – You must place a comforting hand on your belly from time to time during the day or when the baby is actively kicking and turning. Skin-to-skin contact and Kangaroo care in addition to breastfeeding are a few practices to indulge in after your little one is born.

#4. Smell

Around the 20th Week the baby starts to pick up smells of foods from the amniotic fluid. According to researchers, babies can differentiate between yummy and harsh smells even as newborns. This is because their sense of smell has developed long back.

What you can do – During your pregnancy take some time to inhale and enjoy delightful aromas of flowers, freshly baked cakes, rain on dry ground and others. Avoid stronger smells of detergents, perfumes, floor cleaners, and petrol.


#5. Taste

By 21 weeks your baby’s sense of taste also develops. She is able to taste the flavors of what you eat through the amniotic fluid. What you eat may play a major role in shaping your little one’s food preferences later in life.

What you can do – Eat a healthy and nutritious diet with varied foods to ensure your little one is born a healthy baby.



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