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Weaning a breastfeeding toddler


When you should wean your baby is a choice that is totally up to you as a mom. Some moms may choose to wean the baby at as early as seven months of age while others choose to nurse the baby
for longer.

Most pediatricians suggest that breastfeeding your baby until he or she is one year old is best. However, whenever you choose to wean your baby, make sure that your baby is happy and weans without tears.

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Easy tips to wean a breast feeding toddler
Having a toddler who is likely to throw tantrums and do everything that he or she can to get their way can make weaning a stressful process. Here are some simple tips that will help you wean your toddler easily:

Prepare yourself:  Weaning is not just a physical process. It can be an emotional one for most moms to. It is the end of a special physical connection that you share with your child. So, the first step is to make sure that you are ready to commit. If you back down after a few attempts at weaning, it will only make it harder.

Limit the nursing sessions:  Alternate between bottle feeding and nursing before you wean the child completely. Start by using the bottle for one meal and nurse for the remaining meals. Slowly increase the number of bottle feeding sessions to help your child wean easily.

Let dads help:  You can hand over the responsibility of feeding before naptime or bedtime to the child. This is a big change in the toddler’s routine that will shift the focus from the fact that you are not nursing him to the fact that it is daddy who is doing it now. This is usually a welcome change and will also give dads a chance to get some exclusive time with the child.

Never nurse on demand:  In most cases, nursing follows a set routine. It is usually when the baby wakes up after a night’s sleep, before or after naptime, etc. However, if you nurse your child at irregular times when he demands for it, make sure that you stop it right away.

Talk to your child:  Toddlers are able to respond to reason. Tell your child that he or she is growing up and needs to learn the “big boy or girl” ways of eating. This is great to help your child prepare for the change as well.

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