10 Things that Affect Baby Sleep

Making sure your baby gets a good night’s rest or a restful nap is not easy. The sleep cycle is ever changing and it may seem like quite the challenge for new moms and dads to keep up with these changes. Several things affect the ease with which your baby sleeps. Knowing about them will help you make necessary changes to get your baby to sleep better. Of course it also means that you are able to get ample rest yourself.

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10 things that affect your baby’s sleep 1. Any change in place: When you are on vacation or even if you change the room that the crib is placed in, your child may find it hard to fall asleep. Using something familiar like a toy or blanket can help him or get used to a new sleeping place. 2. Irregular sleep routine: From dinner, nighttime bath, nursing to the actual sleeping time, having a fixed routine can help your baby sleep better. 3. Hours of day sleep: If the baby has a good nap during the day, he or she will be calm and not overstimulated. This will improve the sleep at night. 4. Teething: A baby who is teething is uncomfortable and will, therefore, find it much harder to fall asleep. This will pass once all the teeth have grown in. 5. The person who puts them to bed: Sometimes children just respond better to one person. This could be mom, dad or even the nanny. A change in the person who puts the baby to sleep can affect the sleep cycle. 6. Congestion in the chest: If it is too cold or if the baby has a cold or flu, he or she may wake up simply because they are unable to breathe properly. Clean the baby’s nose before putting him or her to sleep. 7. The temperature of the room: If the room is too hot or too cold, the baby will be unable to sleep. 8. Hunger: A hungry baby will wake up cranky and difficult. Make sure that your baby eats well during the day to stop them from being up all night. 9. Separation anxiety: If your baby develops separation anxiety, it is hard for them to fall asleep. Make sure that your baby is sound asleep before you put him or her back in the crib or before you leave a room. 10. Sleep regression: This natural process occurs at different stages of your child’s development. The first one being at the age of 4 months. Calm your baby down and simply wait for the phase to pass. To help your baby feel safer and sleep better, Mama and Peaches includes blankets, comforters, baby oils, bath products, and a lot more. Make sure you subscribe to your box now and get products worth Rs.3500 for just Rs.1999.