5 Health Benefits of Acupressure for Your Baby

5 Health Benefits of Acupressure for Your Baby

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese remedy that involves pressurizing certain body points to heal specific ailments. It is done by gently applying pressure with the help of palms, fingers, and thumbs on body’s particular pressure points.

Just like body massaging, it’s also completely safe for little ones. The only difference is the amount of pressure applied to the baby’s body. A gentle stroking is followed instead of pressing points of the body of a baby. Here are the benefits of acupressure for babies.

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  • Relief from Colic

It’s really hard to handle babies suffering from the problem of colic. The gas build-up in the baby’s stomach makes him/her cranky, making it complex for parents to provide relief to them. Babies who are fed with formula milk are usually prone to colic. Acupressure is effective in relieving colic in babies.

How to Do: Massage gently in a clockwise motion around the belly button of your baby to expel trapped gas.

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  • Better Sleep

Nothing could be more relaxing for parents to help their little ones sleep better by simply activating their sleep mode. Yes, it’s true; the sleep point is the area between the eyebrows on the forehead. Doing acupressure on this point can induce good sleep in babies.

How to Do: Use your finger tips or thumb for gently stroking that area. Continue to stroke for a few minutes and you will notice that your baby will fall asleep.

  • Relieves Teething Pain

Sometimes, teething starts occurring as early as 6 months of age in little ones. During this time, your baby is in too much pain and discomfort. Also, he/she salivate excessively. Acupressure can relive this ache.

How to Do: Firstly, you should know the relief points for teething- points in the palms of your baby near his/her thumbs. Gentle press and massage one or more of these points for about 10 second every few hours. Doing this can not only reduce the gum pain but also helps in reducing salivation.

  • Treats Nasal Congestion

The changing season can cause nasal congestion in babies due to which they feel discomfort in breathing. You can simply do acupressure to relieve nasal congestion.

How to Do: Gentle massage your baby’s nostrils and spot around the nostrils using your index fingertips and thumb.

  • Reducing Fever

Parents are ready to do anything possible when their baby suffers from fever. What if you get to know that simply holding their thumbs can help you to reduce fever? Yes, it’s possible; how? Keep reading…

How to Do: The base of your little one’s thumbnail is fever-relief point. Gently pressing this point for 10 second for every two to three hours can help reduce fever.

Final Words

Acupressure is an effective way to relieve from several problems but still cannot be considered as the replacement of proper treatment and prescription by doctor. So, make sure you take your baby to doctor for consultation in case of severe health problems.