6 Best Feeding Bottles in India

Feeding bottles are a part of every parent and child’s journey, whether you are feeding your baby breast milk or formula. It is therefore important to pick the right brand and type of bottle for your little one to make the first year of parenthood a smooth sail as far as feeding the baby, weaning her off, and keeping her healthy are concerned.

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There are different types of feeding bottles as per the requirements and features like anti-colic feeding bottles, bottles that mimic breastfeeding, silicone feeding bottles, BPA free plastic bottles, stainless steel bottles and many more.

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Here are some of the best feeding bottles that you can choose from: Best Feeding bottles in India
  • Philips Avent feeding bottle
In India, Philips avent is one of the best and popular brands when it comes to feeding bottles. There are different sizes available 125ml, 260ml, 330ml. It has an ergonomic design and has an advanced anti colic valve which will be very useful. It is made up of BPA free plastic.
  • Brown’s Feeding Bottle
This is a very popular brand when it comes to feeding bottles because of its no vacuum design that prevents accumulation of milk in the ear and also helps for a colic baby. They have four levels of nipples with level 1 for newborns and level 4 for aggressive eaters. These bottles come with two sizes 120ml and 240ml.
  • Chicco bottles
Chicco well-being feeding bottles come with anti-colic valve, which helps the baby to avoid swallowing air to reduce colic and hiccups. They also come with teats that are suitable for newborns as well as older babies.

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  • Pigeon Peristaltic Nursing Bottle
This is a very good feeding bottle, which comes in a affordable price. The body of the bottle is made up of best quality durable plastic which is very easy to clean. This bottle comes with a soft silicone nipple and make use of advanced AVS technology.
  1. Playtex Baby Drop –Ins Premium Nursery Bottle Feeding
This is a type of bottle which will help you to wave a goodbye to washing multiple bottles. It has a liner inside and once you fill the bottle with ilk you need to watch the liner. As soon the baby empties the bottle the liner collapses and you need to just throw the liner.
  • Comotomo Natural Feel 8-ounce Baby Bottles
This is a feeding bottle, which has a soft silicone nipple that mimics natural breastfeeding. It has a wide neck which makes cleaning easy. This feeding bottle is microwave safe and dishwasher safe. The body of the bottle is soft and squeezable which makes it easier for the baby to hold.

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Tips to choose a right feeding bottle
  • Choose bottles with wide neck as they are easier to clean.
  • Go for a feeding bottle that is light-weight so that it is easier for the baby to hold it.
  • For a start choose 150ml bottle for your newborn and then as the baby grows you can increase the quantity.
  • Choose a bottle that has an anti-colic valve.
  • Look out for bottles that can turn into sippers when your baby grows as they will be really helpful.
  • Choose bottles with nipples that mimic natural breastfeeding.
  • Look for a bottle which has flat-topped nipples and wide nipples as they are more like mother's breast and may be a good option if you plan to switch between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding.
  • If you are choosing a plastic bottle then go for an opaque bottle since these are BPA free and you can also check for the recycle symbols.

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