Best Maternity Gifts

Pregnancy is a rewarding experience with the thought that your little one is going to arrive soon in your arms to spread love and bring happiness into your family. Whether it is your daughter or your wife or your sister or your friend or your close colleague, every woman who is expecting a child needs to be pampered and gifted what she deserves.

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Give The Gift Of A Happy Mamahood

Here we have some great options for maternity gifts:
  • Printed pregnancy T-shirt
You can always gift an oversized t-shirt with one liners on it to impress the mom-to-be. She would love to wear and flaunt her baby bump in such cuteness. You can choose from a range of colors with your message on it.
  • Pre-packed hospital Labor bag
Packing a bag for the hospital is one of the tough job for every mom-to-be since she will be so stressed with her hormonal changes and mood swings. Hence, a pre-packed hospital bag with some basic essentials is a perfect gift to pamper the expecting mom and reduce her stress.
  • Gift card for maternity clothing store
Maternity is a time where even after choosing the perfect gift, still it will have some shortcomings as per the choice of the expecting mom. Hence in order to pamper her you can gift a gift card so that she can buy whatever she wants as per her choice and comfort. She will have a range of clothing from which she can choose.
  • A prenatal massage
Pregnancy is the time with lots of changes in your body and mood. The last trimester of pregnancy is tiring and needs a lot of rest since the mom-to-be would be having swollen feet, increase in weight, joint pains and aches and so on. This is a perfect time to gift her a prenatal massage session so that she feels relaxed and reduces her stress levels.
  • Subscription boxes
You can present a delightful subscription box to a mom to be. Something like the Mama and Peaches subscription boxes that are carefully curated with products that the mom would love to use during her pregnancy and even later once the baby arrives. Each box features a delightful selection of products that are safe for both the mama and her peach.
  • A pair of comfy footwear
Walking is very important in every pregnancy to keep the mom-to-be active and this would ease her delivery time. Whether it is a slipper or a pair of sketchers or just bellies; a perfect and comfortable footwear is necessary for every mom-to-be, to help reduce her foot aches and keep her feet soft and cozy.
  • Pregnancy Pillow
With pregnancy comes uneasiness, which will affect the sleep patterns of the mom-to-be. It is very difficult for her to sleep comfortably during pregnancy due to morning sickness, nausea, the growing bump, body pains and so on. A pregnancy pillow is a perfect gift for the expecting mother to allow her to sleep relaxed and comfortably.
  • Belly Butter
Due to so many changes in the body the mom-to-be would be worried about her body and the stretch marks which will remain as a scar. Hence gifting her a perfect cream or oil for the stretch marks is a great way to show you care for her.
  • A maternity basket
This is a combination of different things, which will help you in your pregnancy. This includes a couple of healthy organic drinks which are loaded with folate, calcium, vitamins and other necessary nutrients perfect for your pregnancy. A foot massager for your tired feet, an anti-nausea herbal tea, monthly-marking bump stickers, some cozy caps to keep you warm, a nursing wrap, moisturizer and aroma candles. This will make a perfect combination of gifts to pamper the other-to-be.