Breaking the Myth - 5 Reasons for sex during pregnancy

Pregnant moms have heard it all! There are so many things you should and should not do during pregnancy that you might not know what to believe! Having sex during pregnancy has a lot of myths that go along with it as well. On the other side of things, pregnant women also don’t feel so attractive as they are growing and they are less and less wanting to have a sexual relationship with their significant others.

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Here are some myths that pregnant women have heard: Myth #1 - Deep Penetration Can Harm the Fetus – This is an absolute myth that many pregnant moms believe. Your cervix is closed and sealed off so it protects the baby so you are unable to reach it during sex. Myth #2 - Sex Can Induce Labor – Many women who are close to their due date believe that if they have sex, they will try to have sex and get the baby moving quicker. However, this is a myth and just like how sex cannot harm the fetus because of the protectivity of the cervix, having sex will not induce labor. Myth #3 - The Baby Will Know What Happened – They will not know! There is no way for them to tell or feel it and unless you tell them, there is no way to know!

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Why should we have sex during pregnancy then? Being pregnant always comes with lots of risks and as stated above there are tons of myths that prevent us from wanting to have sex be apart of our pregnancy. But there are many reasons why pregnant moms should be having sex as well.

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  1. Feel good about yourself – Being pregnant puts a lot of women’s bodies and doesn’t always make us feel our best selves. Having sex helps women to feel good about themselves and their significant others
  2. It strengthens the pelvic floor muscle – Regular sex can help increase the strength of your pelvic floor which can help during the phases of labor.
  3. It boosts your immune system – During pregnancy, we are always getting sick because the baby is taking all of our vitamins to grow. Having sex can help increase natural antibiotics in your body that boost immunity to help during the cold or flu season.
  4. Bonding with your significant other – Pregnancy sometimes causes strains on relationships because women don’t feel wonderful about themselves and are tired or sick a lot of the time. Having sex can help you keep that bond going during a transitional time in both of your lives.
  5. It prevents pre-eclampsia – This is common during the second trimester for women. Men’s sperm has a special protein in it that helps regulate body immune systems and can even lower blood pressure levels in a woman when they are pregnant. Who would have thought?!

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Going through a pregnancy is tough in every way. Take good care of yourself during time and make sure you are including your significant other in that process as well. Even though they are not physically going through the pregnancy does not mean they can’t understand what you are going through or can’t be there for you. The strongest part of your pregnancy can be the bond between you and the father. Having the baby feeling the love between their parents is the best way to start off a new life.

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Written by

Jennifer O'Shea