Comfort Essentials During Pregnancy

You have always got to feel your best during your pregnancy. There are some pregnancy comfort essentials that just add to that mommy-to-be glow. Do you have all of the following in your “happy pregnancy” kit yet?
  • The right maternity clothing: Get clothes that fit you well and keep upgrading your wardrobe as the pregnancy progresses. Avoid clothing that are tight and uncomfortable. In fact, choosing a size larger will help you immensely.
  • Comfortable footwear: Let’s face it. You have to be able to walk around with the added weight of a little person. In addition, let’s not forget the swollen ankles and feet. Buy footwear that is well cushioned with good grip on the sole to stay comfortable.
  • Better lingerie: Special maternity underwear is a must. You may need support bras as well to soothe the tenderness that you will feel in your breasts during pregnancy. In fact, you will also find that wearing the right bra to bed will prevent any discomfort at night.
  • A good moisturizer: A good quality, organic moisturizer will help reduce several problems like itchy skin and the appearance of any stretch marks. Take your time to moisturize every day when you are a mom-to-be.
  • Something salty- Morning sickness can be quite difficult for most moms to be. Having something salty like crackers on standby can ease this issue. You can also choose lemonade with a hint of salt as your mantra to beat morning sickness. These salty foods are extremely useful when you have some late night cravings as well.
  • Essential oils: Whether you need a good night’s sleep or just want to relax after a stressful day of dealing with pregnancy hormones, essential oils will always come to your rescue. During pregnancy, it is advised that you choose floral and citrus scents such as lemon, lavender, mandarin, or jasmine. Some of them can also be used to make great foot soaks when you experience swelling of your ankles and feet.
  • Refreshing drinks- Stock your refrigerator with cold pressed drinks. They will not only keep you hydrated but will also load your body with the vitamins and minerals essential for pregnancy. These drinks are lighter on the stomach as well, making it easier for you to get an added source of nutrition.
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