The Importance of Exercise during Pregnancy

During the initial stage of my pregnancy I was an extremely lazy person. I didn’t really feel like doing much and lacked energy throughout the day. It would make me feel down all the time and it was the dead of winter which made it even more difficult to remain active. My blood reports didn’t reflect anything that could be causing this and I felt good otherwise! I just felt low and drained. Knowing these were regular symptoms of pregnancy, I had to adapt and move on.My life had taken a 360 degree turn from what it was. I wasn’t working, exercising or going out too much. It wasn’t much fun going to a party either when you couldn’t have a drink!

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Read more about - 5 ways to workout during pregnancy In India, we have a misconception that life should come to a standstill when you get pregnant.This thinking is slowly changing but a large part of our population still believes that we should avoid a lot of things we did before getting pregnant like exercise. I did a lot of research online about why I was feeling this way and was surprised to read the same thing everywhere! That I should get out of the house and go for a walk! I discussed it with my husband who agreed that I should give it a shot and occasionally joined me for the morning walks. I started working out - very light stuff and after running it by my doctor. Exercise/Brisk Walk during my pregnancy week by week made a big difference to how I felt.I tried yoga and mild squat exercises(doctor recommended only) too. My days were so much better and it motivated me to maintain a journal where I started noting down my daily activities in my “pregnancy calendar”- that’s what I called it. It had my work out milestones,my daily intake of water, my pregnancy diet plan which included all safe and healthy foods to consume during pregnancy and so much more- with new experiences and developments everyday. It totally revived me. I was not only more energetic, I felt a big difference in my body as well. I looked better and felt better. I realised how important it was for me to feel good for my little ones development. Read more about-pregnancy workouts: best 10 min workout There are innumerable benefits of fitting in some exercise in your daily routine while you’re pregnant. Apart from looking better - which is the biggest motivation, you’re less likely to be constipated or have aches and pains. Not only that, you’re less likely to go past your due date and more likely to have a shorter and less painful labour. So exercise during pregnancy for your own and your little ones health and happiness.It helps you breathe better,feel better and prepare better for the delivery day. Stay active and have a happier pregnancy!