Kid Friendly Ways to Celebrate Christmas

What do you remember about spending the holidays with your family as a child? It is that time of year again and the holidays are coming up. As your little family is beginning, you might want to start thinking of traditions that you can do with your kids every year during Christmas time. Starting a tradition when your kids are young is the best time. Being a parent during the holidays is so important and engaging with your children even more important. Creating a fun memorable tradition is something that your children will talk about for years to come and most likely the one thing they will remember when they are older.

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There are so many different traditions and activities to do during the holidays, what will yours be? Here a few fun ideas to do with your kids during this time:

  1. Building a Gingerbread house – a family fun event , creating these houses and seeing who can get theirs to stand up, or working together to make one really nice house.
  2. Create homemade decorations – there are so many decorations that can be handmade and used to decorate the house. Starting with decorating their room with their own ornaments

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  1. Christmas Countdown – Advent calendars are lots of fun having the kids pick out the candies for each of the days until Christmas. You could also create your own 12 days of Christmas calendar.
  2. Share a holiday story - Finding a holiday story that can be something that you always read with your child before the night of Christmas, or reading multiple holiday stories up to the day of Christmas. Instilling reading into your children’s holiday joy is the best gift you can give your children.
  3. Sing Christmas Songs - Spread Christmas joy by making it a tradition to play Christmas music every weekend or whenever you are home or in the car.
  4. Christmas Camp Out - grab some sleeping bags, popcorn, and holiday pajamas and put on some holiday movies to complete the entire holiday mood!
  5. Go see the lights - go into the town and look at the lights on the trees. Take a drive around your neighborhood and look at all the beautiful lights and decorations that your neighbors have put up.

  1. Go Caroling - find a group of your neighbors who would love to go around the neighborhood and sing Christmas carols to the neighbors.
  2. Gift Treasure Hunt - have a few nights before Christmas where the kids can search for their gifts and open them when they find them!
  3. Teach the meaning of Christmas - create a nativity scene and then teach the meaning behind where Christmas came from.

Lots of great ideas that you can do with your family and so much more. Take some time to remember to enjoy your family during this busy time. Happy tradition making!