Layering Like A Pro: Stylish Winter Clothing Ideas For Your Kids

As the temperature starts dropping and it gets colder outside, it’s time to layer your little bundle of joy in stylish winter clothes. Trendy winterwear for babies makes them stay warm and enjoy the adventure of the winter wonderland, without worrying about catching cold and falling sick. However, layering doesn’t always mean you have to go all boring and ditch the style quotient. By exploring the various ideas on kids' winter fashion you too can style your munchkin like a pro and make them ready for everything that winter season brings with it. 

In this blog, we’ll take you through some amazing winter clothing ideas for babies and tips on styling them. Keep on reading to know more!

Tips On Styling Your Little Bundle Of Joy In Winterwear

By using a little bit of creativity and imagination while buying winter wear for babies you can make your little fashionista look stunning, even when it's freezing outside. Here are some winter wear tips on how to make your darling princess and naughty rockstar stylish in winterwear.

Layer Appropriately 

As it’s cold outside, it’s crucial to layer your kid but layering with elegance can amp up their look. Start with a stylish base layer, such as colourful and vibrant thermals. Finish the look with a stylish t-shirt and then layer on a sleek jumper or cardigan. Combining and mixing various textures and patterns can give your child an eye-catching appearance.

Give Extra Attention To Hands and Toes

Your kid’s little hands, feet, ears, head and face are the most susceptible parts of their body to frostbite. Just like excessive exposure to the sun damages their skin, extreme cold weather also harms their sensitive skin on these parts. On chilly days, it's important to cover them up properly in winter accessories like winter caps, booties, mittens and more. This winter layering idea is a win-win.

Mix and Match Colours & Patterns

While planning for winter outfit ideas for kids, don't be afraid to try new colours and patterns. A stylish and colourful aesthetic can be created by contrasting colours and harmonising patterns. For instance, mix a plaid scarf with a floral blazer or wear a striped jumper with solid-coloured jeans.

Choose The Right Fit

No matter how appealing it may be to cram those tootsies into last year's booties, feet require space to move. Too tight shoes and clothes can restrict blood flow, which makes the limbs colder. Hence, it’s important to opt for the correct fit.

Things To Consider While Buying Winter Wear For Kids

Simply put—babies have smaller bodies, hence they tend to lose heat more quickly than adults. Thus, the responsibility of keeping them warm and comfortable during the cold weather becomes our responsibility as parents. Here are some important points to consider while looking for winter clothing ideas for babies:


Always look at the size chart to buy an appropriate fit for your baby. From thermals to cardigans and other winter accessories, everything must be a proper fit to provide the utmost comfort and warmth to your little one.


We know layering is crucial but while layering make sure that your baby is able to move freely or if they are toddlers they are able to play around without any restrictions.

Easy To Put On & Take Off

Always look for winter clothing ideas for babies that are simple to take off and put on in an emergency, if your children are still on the potty training. Additionally, the kid can take off his own clothes, which will come in handy when things get tough. 

Cute Winter Clothing Ideas For Babies

Check out some cute winter clothing options for your baby:

Cute Sweaters

Kids should always have a warm jumper in their winter wardrobe. Consider warm, cosy materials like fleece or wool, as well as fun motifs or patterns that speak volumes about your child's unique personality. Sweaters are adaptable for a variety of winter occasions because they may be layered over t-shirts or worn as standalone items.



A quality cardigan or jacket provides your toddler with the utmost warmth and defence against the cold. Cardigans are a fantastic option, if you are planning to go out on a vacation during winter or if your children are engaging in outdoor activities on snowy days.


Woollen Rompers

Children have a tendency to throw blankets at night and not cover them up. Hence, it’s important to dress them up in clothes that keep them warm while they are asleep during the night. Get your hands on woollen rompers that aid in promoting sound sleep.


Pair Them Up With Woollen Pants

Thermal or woollen pants, give another layer of warmth to your child. These thin, moisture-wicking clothes are ideal for layering underneath clothes.


Cute Winter Accessories

Your child's personality can definitely stand out through accessories. Choose for them woollen caps, mittens, and scarves on which they look even more cute and adorable. To prevent the cold from damaging their sensitive skin, make sure these accessories are warm and tight.


With winter season approaching, you do not have to hibernate your child’s fashion. By using a little creativity and imagination you can infuse your child’s winter closet with some amazing baby products, making them look more adorable. At Mama & Peaches, we bring you a colourful and vibrant collection of winter baby clothing to dress up your little ones and make them feel comfortable. 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Winter Outfits For Kids

What should kids wear in winter?

Kids should wear warm clothes in winter which keep them protected from the chill outside, while also allowing them to play and move around. 

What to wear to look cute in winter?

Winter accessories are a must to look cute in winter. From woollen caps to cute mittens, everything can make your baby look super cute.