Let Your Baby Slay In Ethnic Wear This Rakhi

Let Your Baby Slay In Ethnic Wear This Rakhi

Indian culture and traditions are imbued in respect for relationships. Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful Indian festival that celebrates the bond between siblings. It is a testimony to the purity of the relationship between brothers and sisters and reinforces their bond to withstand the test of time through thick and thin. 

Indian festivals are best celebrated in ethnic wear and that's how it's done with our precious babies as well. When we talk about babies, there is always a surreal joy attributed to each festival and celebration with them. Probably because they are experiencing it all with a fresh perspective, and we want to make it as special as possible for them!

Step into a world of dreamy colours, comfort and vibrancy with Mama & Peaches as you shop for Raksha Bandhan traditional dress for babies with us. You can get your hands on some of the finest baby ethnic wear on our website. 

Points To Keep In Mind While Choosing Ethnic Wear For Babies:

Shopping for your kid can be a daunting task if you aren't careful and articulate with your choices! While shopping for Rakhi special dress for babies, or any kind of kids’ ethnic wear, the following points should always be taken into consideration:

  • Comfort Is Paramount 

No matter what kind of infant wear you choose, comfort has to be the topmost priority. If you dress up your babies in comfortable clothes, they will feel nice and therefore, go about their day in a spirited manner. Any kind of discomfort will affect their mood and make them cranky and irritable. 

  • Fabric

While buying baby ethnic wear or casual wear, it is important to ensure that the choice of fabric resonates with the comfort of your kid. Always look for soft, breathable and lightweight materials that keep your baby comfortable. Organic cotton is a great choice of fabric for summer. 

  • Weather 

When you buy ethnic wear for your little one, factor in the weather at that time. This will influence your choice of fabric and the design of the dress that you are picking for your baby. Summers account for lighter fabrics whereas winters call for more layers and thicker dress materials. 

  • Design 

Thoughtful design is very important when it comes to Raksha Bandhan traditional dress for babies. At Mama & Peaches, we ensure that the design is very skin friendly. Furthermore, the clothes should be easy to wear so that the baby doesn't feel cranky while changing. 

  • GOTS certification 

GOTS certification means that the fabric for infant wear has been produced in a responsible and sustainable manner without the use of any toxic or synthetic additives. (1) This is a favourable factor when choosing baby clothing.

  • Involve Your Baby While Choosing The Outfits 

While choosing Rakhi dresses for kids, make sure that you involve your kid in the decision-making process. This will encourage your kid to develop his/her own style preferences. Furthermore, this will also instil a sense of excitement in your child regarding choosing and wearing that particular outfit. Doesn’t matter if they just coo or point towards a particular outfit, just let them do it! 

Ethnic Wear Ideas For Toddlers

We have put together a list of some gorgeous baby ethnic wear outfits that you can choose for your little one. These traditional dresses for babies beautifully amalgamate the charm of our cultural heritage with the comfort of contemporary designs. 

This Raksha Bandhan flaunt your baby in a gorgeous tropical fruit print kurta set which is made from 100 percent organic cotton. The soft fabric and elasticated waist make this a super comfortable choice for your little one. 

This cute little orange angrakha set is bound to make your little one look like an absolute star as they partake in festivities with you.


Pink is such a vivacious colour. This unisex pink sun kurta set will enhance your baby’s adorable personality and make him/her look even more cute. Moreover, the soft fabric and fuss-free design will keep your baby cool and comfy. 

This ethereal blue kurta set is made from organic cotton and it will glide onto your kid like a dream. This is perfect for any formal family function and rest assured, that your baby will look like a total showstopper when he wears this. 

This is such a fun outfit that your child is bound to fall in love with this! The dino design appeals to every kid and this unisex Kurta is a great addition to your baby’s traditional wardrobe.


This festive season, let your babies embrace the true spirit of celebrations and dress them to the nines, in cute Rakhi dresses for kids. Trust us, when you see them dressed up in the beautiful colours of traditional silhouettes, your heart will be filled with joy. So, visit Mama & Peaches, a baby product store, to select the perfect traditional dress for your little one. Click lots of pictures of your little superstar, to behold the special moment for times to come. 


  1. What kind of fabric will go with the trend & will be comfortable for my baby?

Cotton is hands down, the best fabric when it comes to style and comfort. The range of infant wear on Mama & Peaches uses 100 percent organic cotton to ensure that your baby’s skin stays as pristine and pampered as possible. 

     2. Are these ethnic wear useful for kids apart from the festive season?

Yes. Ethnic wear for babies is very comfy and you can easily use them for occasions apart from traditional festivals. In fact, the pyjamas can easily double as lowers for your kid’s night suits.