Night Waking: Habit or Hunger?

Is your baby waking up at odd hours, leaving you feeling sleep deprived and tired? The key to better sleep understands whether your baby is really hungry when he or she wakes up late at night or is it just a habit that you can break?

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Ask yourself the following questions to know if night waking is a habit or if the baby is really hungry.
Is your baby eating well during the day? If the baby is used to consuming several calories at night, then he may not eat well during the day. You can reverse this cycle by slowly reducing feed at night and increasing it during the day. Is your baby able to sleep well after a late night feed? If the baby is waking up out of habit, then you will notice that he or she takes a lot of time to get back to sleep. Is the baby sleeping for at least 3-4 hours after the feed? In case your baby is waking up regularly every hour even after you have fed him or her, it is a sign of habitual waking. In case you do not feed the baby, does he stay awake crying for several hours? If the baby truly needs feeding, he or she will be persistent and will continue to cry if you do not facilitate. Is your baby able to sleep independently? If your baby falls asleep at night without any sleep props, then waking up at night is an indication that he or she needs the feed. You need to worry about habitual waking only when the baby is over eight months old. If the baby is younger than this age, then the feed is necessary for the baby’s development. If you notice that your baby wakes up at night out of the habit of feeding, try to increase her feeds during the day. Then avoid feeding at night to reduce nighttime waking. You do not have to stop night feeding drastically. Just cut the portion and check your baby’s response. To help your baby sleep better at night the Mama and Peaches subscription boxes include soothing baby oils and baby bath products that will help your baby fall asleep faster so that you can also get some well-deserved rest at night.

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