#RadDads. . .Being all heart

Somewhere between juggling busy work life or missing home… Staying away from family and losing out on bonding with babies…the meaning of Fatherhood evolved! Times are changing and so is the ‘Fatherly figure’! From being available ‘once in a blue moon’ at home, and being only exclusively present on a Sunday…there was a sense of belongingness and the need to be more connected. With this realisation the meaning of Daddahood transformed, to something much greater and something more meaningful.

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The ‘Daddas’ from the progressive world are better known as the awesome “Rad Dads” who’re just about all heart! With ample time to spend and enough love to spare for their babies, despite their busy schedule and occupying days…who other than ‘Mama and Peaches’ could have brought this to your attention? 😊 The #RadDad Campaign is all about letting the world know what Daddas can do when they do… and what do they mean when they put their heart out, for their children. While the world was too busy celebrating the mamas, there was a hoity toity yet adorable bunch of Daddas that was spending some quality time at home, without asking for a word of admiration for it. Yes, that’s the Rad Dads we’re talkin’ about! They’re all for the family and bonding with their babies. Be it bed time stories or just about nap time…about baking in the kitchen or just about shaving in the bath…the dads can do it all and be around for their li’l ones. From being called ‘the strongest’ to now being ‘the coolest’… and transitioning from the aura of strict daddies to giving friendly buddy vibes…we’d say they are just about the ‘coolest buddies’ this generation of babies have!

Attaboy, Daddas! You’re so cool with being all heart! B-)