Swaddling and Sleeping, Some Important Things You Must Know

Keep your baby warm and comfortable when they sleep by swaddling them correctly. For most moms, swaddling is a life saver as it helps the baby sleep faster. So, if you are an exhausted mom who needs some rest herself, these swaddling and sleeping tips will be a life saver. Is swaddling safe? There are several stories about swaddling leading to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. There have also been studies conducted to find the relationship between the two. Factors like the timeframe of swaddling, the position of the baby and geographic location play an important role in increasing the risk of SIDS in swaddled babies.

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Learning how to safely swaddle your baby is very important to prevent any health issues. Safe swaddling practices: Here are some tips to swaddle the baby safely:  Make sure that the legs are not swaddled as they can lead to developmental issues in the baby’s hips and legs.  Whether you are putting your baby down for a nap or to bed at night, make sure that the swaddle blanket does not go above the shoulders. You can cover the head only when you are around your baby.  It is a good idea to keep the arms of the baby free as they feel more relaxed and calm. You can also place the hands by thebaby’s face.  Make sure that it is not too hot for the baby. The swaddle is meant to make the baby feel warm. It should not be used to keep the baby warm. The blanket that you use a blanket that is soft and light. Check to see if your baby is sweating or breathing heavily. If you see these signs, unwrap the baby immediately.  Swaddling should not be practiced after the baby starts rolling over. Swaddling is safest when the baby is lying on the back. In addition to the above, you can also make swaddling safer by keeping the sleeping area less cluttered and keeping the baby’s room cool. Mama and peaches packs in some of the cutest and most comfortable swaddle blankets in their subscription boxes. You can get yours too for just Rs.1999 per month. These subscription boxes are designed to ensure that the products are baby-friendly, free from any toxins and completely organic. Packed beautifully and complete with monthly themes, these subscription boxes by Mama and Peaches are just what every new mom needs.