Top 5 Sipper Bottles For Babies In India

Top 5 Sipper Bottles For Babies In India

Sipper bottles are great training aids when it comes to mess-free feeding. They help initiate the babies into being a little independent, even if it is water that they sip on. Your baby is ready for a changeover from feeding bottle to sipper bottle when he or she is able to pick things and hold them. Best Sipper Bottles For Babies If you are perplexed about which sipper bottle to buy for your little one, here are some great options to pick from.

#1. Munchkin Latch Sipper Bottle

Age: Four months – Two years Price: Rs. 2574/- Transition from feeding- bottle to sipper bottle is difficult. Munchkin latch sipper bottle makes the task easy for you. The silicon spout is soft and moves with the baby. Double sided handle makes it easy for your baby to hold the bottle. The lid is leak proof and so you need not worry about spills. It is provided with an anti-colic valve which reduces gas and fussiness.

#2. First Years Toss and No Spill Bottle

Age: Two years and above Price: Rs. 599/- As the name indicates this is a non- spill bottle. It has a travel cap which makes it convenient to carry while travelling. Made of BPA free material it is safe for your child. The set contains four multicolour bottles. The only restriction is that you cannot carry anything hot in this bottle.

#3. Philips Avent Classic Soft Spout Bottle

Age: Six months and above Price: Rs. 295/- The capacity of this bottle is 200ml. It is shaped to give a strong and easy grip. It has a silicon spout which makes it easy to drink from. It is dishwasher safe.

#4. Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Sipper Bottle

Price: Rs. 2350/- This slender bottle made of steel keeps the liquid bacteria free for your baby. It can be converted into a sipper or a bottle anytime. You can use the straw provided for your child to drink without spilling. The level markings on the bottle enables you to give the right amount of fluid prescribed for your child. The silicon lid is durable and keeps the bacteria away which makes the sip safe for your child. Advantage of this bottle is that you can store both hot and cold liquid.

#5. Nuby Two Handle No Spill Super Spout Bottle

Age: Six months and above Price: Rs. 295/- This sipper bottle has a silicon spout with a built- in valve which is easy to clean and avoids leaks and spills. This is the best option to changeover from bottle to sipper. Designed with two handles makes it easy for your child to hold it. Sipper Bottles are a great aid to wean your child from breast feeding or the feeding bottle. Tips To Choose A Sipper Bottle (Cup) For Your Baby Here are some aspects to keep in mind while choosing a sipper bottle or cup for your little one -
  • Choice of material should be based on the following considerations – the material should be BPA free, your baby should be able to carry it safely and easily, it should be rust and corrosion free.
  • Straw is a better option than a spout since it keeps the liquid awayfrom the front teeth, thus, preventing early onset of cavities.
  • Soft spouted bottles are ideal as they do not injure your child if he or she has a fall with the bottle in the hand.
  • The sipper bottle should be easy to clean and should not allow any residue of liquid either in the valve or the spout to avoid formation of bacteria.