Want an hour by yourself? Engage your kid with these fun items!

Want an hour by yourself? Engage your kid with these fun items!

BLOGBLOGIt is genuinely an exhausting task to run behind and chase your naughty and energetic kid. Wanting some time by yourself is inevitable and a must-have for all the new mamas. So, here are some games and activities that will keep your child engaged and engrossed happily, lending you’re an hour or so to unwind and relax. Explore The Shop Home

Brainsmith tea party set (https://mamaandpeaches.com/shop/tea-party-set/)

Brainsmith’s tea party set is a perfect way to engage your kid in early childhood into something that induces creativity and boosts imagination. Let your children have a hi-tea time with this beautiful wooden tea set comprising adorable accessories that are visually appealing and cutesy at the same me. This play set is perfect for them to learn about hosting their own parties. It will encourage them to think creatively and will promote memory and colour recognition as well.

Match and more cards (https://mamaandpeaches.com/shop/match-more-cards/)

Now that your child can speak, walk and do mischievous stuff, you might as well teach him or her values and stuff about the community around. The neighbourhood box community game is a fun way to introduce your child with people who help us every day. When your child starts playing, they will make friends along the way, and learn with them about the community helpers in details, using the storybook. The game allows the kids to move the characters on the map, and learn more about their respective locations! It also includes a fun DIY activity, fun sheets, paint a badge and award their favourite community helper with a Happy Helper star. This pretend play set will boost creative thinking, language and cognitive development, vocabulary, oral fluency and purposeful discussion in the child apart from lending you some time by yourself. Brainsmith Logic Stacking Train your child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination with this 8 disc stacking game. Allow your child to learn placing different coloured bars of different lengths basis logic. This wooden educational toy will enhances the child’s colour recognition and problem-solving skills. During this game, children will have to figure out which disc is best suitable for each level in order to achieve a perfect stack of discs taking them long to realize and learn while giving the mamas some good time to rejuvenate and relax. Not just this, our range of more games and activities at www.mamaandpeaches.com include playmats, accessories, puzzlers, bouncers, musical instruments and toys, building blocks, constructive games, doll houses and much more! Check them out now.