Winter essentials for your newborn

Winter essentials for your newborn

Winter is coming, mommies. As the temperature goes down, your newborn will need your special care and attention more than ever. Newborns do not have the ability to adjust the core temperature of their bodies. The problem is that your baby won’t be able to inform you when they start to feel cold.

Not having the most important things to protect your baby from the cold can lead to serious problems and may get the precious one sick. So it’s always best to keep them warm at all times without stuffing them with too many layers of clothing.

Be prepared with these winter essentials to keep your little one warm and cozy throughout the season.

#1. Winter/ warm clothes

Layering is the key here. Your baby may not need a lot of warm clothes inside the house but outside it can get really cold. Invest in some good quality and cozy winter-wears such as night-suits, jackets, hoodies, scarves, sweaters, etc.

#2. Diapers

During winter season your baby will tend to pee a lot. So you will need more diapers and diaper covers a day than you’d need during summertime. Your baby will also need a good diaper rash cream to protect, treat and soothe any rashes or inflammation.

#3. Socks

Newborns’ feet tend to get cold easily. Keep those tiny feet covered at all times with some warm and cozy socks. They’ll trap the body heat and keep your baby snug all day.

#4. Onesies or pajamas with socks

What can be more cozy and comfortable than a pair of rompers, onesies or pajamas with in-built socks? These are really easy to throw on and warm enough to keep the winter baby protected from the cold.

#5. Winter headwear

Not only colourful headwears such as beanies or baby hats make those newborns look irresistibly adorable but they are also great to cover up the head and ears during the chilly days.

#6. Booties

Get a pair of thermal or fleece booties that give extra warmth to your little one’s feet whenever you go out.

#7. Sleepsacks

Keep your winter baby warm and snug throughout the night by making them sleep in these adorable sleepsacks. Unlike the regular loose ones, these wearable blankets made from breathable fabric will not come unwrapped during sleep.

#8. Blankets

It can get quite chillier during those long winter nights and your babe will need more layers to stay cozy yet comfortable. Invest in some good quality blankets and wrap your peach around making a snuggly cocoon with it.

#9. Quilts

Some soft yet warm, snuggly quilts are must-haves for your little one during these winter days. They not only provide extra warmth and coziness but also make your baby super comfortable leading on to a night of deep sleep.

#10. Skincare

Your newborn’s skin is extremely delicate and thin making it vulnerable to dryness during these chilly winter months. Bring home some natural and nourishing moisturizers, massage oils, body butters, etc. made for babies to keep your winter baby’s skin soft, supple and hydrated.
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