Wrap, Cuddle & Play: Why Choose Muslin For Baby Clothing

Wrap, Cuddle & Play: Why Choose Muslin For Baby Clothing

We all know how delicate and sensitive a baby’s skin is. The skin barrier of a baby is 30% thinner than that of an adult, which makes it more difficult for them to adjust to temperature changes. (1) Additionally, because your baby's skin loses moisture twice as quickly, it is more likely to grow dry and flaky. Hence, it is important to make a wise decision when choosing clothes and other products for your baby. 

Compared to other fabrics, Muslin is considered one of the best fabrics for your baby’s delicate skin. Its lightweight nature, high breathability factor and gentle feel against the skin make it a beloved fabric for baby apparel, swaddles, blankets, etc. In this blog, we’ll take you through the various reasons on why to use muslin clothes for babies and what are the basic muslin clothes for babies that must be a part of their closet. 

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Why Use Muslin Cloth For Babies

Here is why you must choose cotton muslin clothes for your baby. 

Soft and Gentle

Being extremely sensitive and fragile, your baby's skin is more prone to allergies and irritation. The delicate touch of muslin fabric, made of finely spun cotton, feels gentle on your baby’s skin. Using muslin cloth for baby swaddles and clothes reduces the chances of irritation, redness and rashes while allowing them to make movements freely.


Managing your baby’s body temperature is extremely crucial, especially during the first few months after they are born. Muslin clothing is well regarded for its remarkable breathability, which promotes airflow and prevents overheating. This natural ventilation assists in regulating your baby's body temperature, lowering the possibility that the baby will get too hot or perspire excessively.


Babies are pretty messy, and the results of spills, stains, and regular washing often reflect on their clothing. Muslin fabrics are renowned for their strength and capacity to endure repeated washings and use without losing their quality. Muslin clothing gets softer the more you wash it, making sure that it stays soft against your baby's skin over a longer period of time. 


The versatility of muslin cloth for different seasons is one of its outstanding features. Muslin clothing keeps your infant comfortable and well-ventilated during the summer. They offer a thin layer that is easy to match with warmer garments throughout the cooler months. Because of its adaptability, your baby's wardrobe is made simpler and is certain to keep them warm and comfortable no matter the weather.

Environmental Friendly

Organic muslin cotton is cultivated using eco-friendly and sustainable practices, thus allowing you to contribute your bit towards the environment while caring for your baby. 

Muslin Clothes For Baby You Must Have In Their Closet


Muslin-made swaddle blankets are a real lifesaver for both parents and infants. These blankets give your child a safe and comfortable sensation that resembles the security of the womb. Being lightweight and breathable they provide your baby a warm cuddle.

Blankets & Dohar

Lightweight muslin sleeping blankets and dohars offer your infant a comfortable haven for naps and adventures. They make a great travelling companion because they are convenient to carry.

Baby Carry Nest

You must get your hands on a comfortable baby carry nest made of muslin to safely carry your baby. Free from chemicals and harmful substances, the muslin carry nest from Mama & Peaches features adorable prints and vibrant designs, you can pick the one which best suits your baby.


Vests are an important piece of clothing for every newborn. Muslin vests allow the baby to play, make movements and keep the irritation and sweat at bay. Add to the cuteness of your little one with the amazing collection of vests from Mama & Peaches.

Sleep Sacks

Muslin sleep sacks are a safe alternative to loose blankets for those who value safe sleeping practices. Sleep sacks lessen the suffocation danger while regulating your baby's body temperature. The best part about sleep sacks is they can be used in various seasons. You can choose from colourful and vibrant sleep sacks for your little munchkin.

When it comes to dressing your children, muslin stands out as the clear winner thanks to its seamless fusion of comfort, adaptability, and style. Cotton muslin clothes adapt to your child's requirements and preferences from infancy to childhood, making them a must in any parent's list of essentials for kids. 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Cotton Muslin Cloth

Is muslin good for newborns?

Yes, muslin is a great fabric for newborns. Its inherent softness and breathability make it a pleasant fabric for a baby's sensitive skin. For babies, who have a limited ability to control their body temperature, muslin helps air to circulate, lowering the risk of overheating. 

Is muslin cloth better than cotton?

Both cotton and muslin have distinctive properties, and the decision between the two frequently hinges on personal taste and intended usage. Even while both materials have advantages, muslin is a preferred material for many baby-related products due to its excellent softness and breathability.