Write Letters To Your Baby That You Will Both Cherish Forever

The day you realize that you are pregnant, you form a bond so strong with your baby that you can never put them in words. You are a bundle of emotions, experiencing something new each day. On days you cannot contain your joy and on other days, the fear of having a baby can get to you. But amidst all of that, you have deep conversations with your baby to be, wishing for the day when you hold him or her in your arms to come sooner. How wonderful would it be if your little one could go through these thoughts and conversations many years into the future?

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One great way to do that would be to write letters to your baby for a year, talking about the various feelings and emotions that you experience each day. Mama and Peaches brings to you “Letters to My Child” that helps you record every moment that you spent with your baby while he and she is still in your womb. These letters help you make a note of wonderful things like:
  • The emotions that you experienced when you were pregnant: There is nothing better than showing your little one how wonderful you felt while you waited to meet him or her. Be honest about all your feelings. Note down the days when you just could not stop gloating about being a mom. Also, make a note of the days that you were just so frustrated that you could just cry. This will make your child appreciate the fact that motherhood can be tough but wonderful at the same time.
  • Life lessons: This is a phase when you learn new things about yourself. Tell your child how he or she changed you for the better. How you learnt to be a lot more that you ever were just because you had a little baby to care for. Whether you became more selfless, more responsible or just more worried about your own health so you could take care of your little one, make a note of it.
  • Advice that you want to give your child: You imagine so many things that you would teach your child once he or she is born. These things may remain the same or may change as time passes. Nevertheless, note down everything that you want your child to know and learn. But most importantly, what advice would you give your child from your own learning after conceiving your baby.
  • The world that was: Were there any interesting events that took place when you were pregnant with your baby? How did the others in the family show their excitement about the day to come? All the special parties that were planned in your honor. And just about any momentous event during your pregnancy is worth sharing with your child.
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