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Gifts for 3 month old boy Online India

Gifts for 3 month old boy

So your little bundle of joy is turning all of 3 months old and you are wondering what gifts to buy him? Baby gifts are the hardest to buy.  You are not only spoilt for choices but also want to make sure that you give your baby something that is actually useful while being fun.

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If you have run out of ideas, here are some simple ones that will help you choose the perfect gift:

  • Board books: It is never too early to introduce your little one to books. Especially when you have special books that are designed to withstand drooling, chewing and anything else that your baby decides to do with them. You can read out from these books to your little one. They also come with beautiful patterns and textures for your baby to explore.


  • Wrap around plush toys: These plush toys are flexible and can be wrapped around your baby’s crib or pram. This is where your baby spends most of his time and would really appreciate having a buddy by his side all the time.


  • Squeaky rubber toy sets: Babies just love to grab on to something. And, if it makes some noise at the slightest touch, it is a complete hit. These squeaky rubber toys are even safe for your baby to chew on during the teething period. They come in different colors and even themes that you can choose from.


  • Activity bars: These bars come with many soft toys and trinkets that hang down from them. They are easily placed across the baby’s crib. Since a three month old cannot really sit up and play by himself, this is a great way to keep your little one entertained for hours. Just make sure that your baby is not able to reach out and pull down on these trinkets. They should also not be too small to swallow if he does pull at them accidentally.


  • Rattles: There are so many different shapes, sizes and designs of rattles available these days. They are colorful, lightweight and as noisy as your little one would love them to be. Just pick one made from a sturdy material and let the little one shake all his energy away.


  • Customized quilts: Keep your baby warm with a beautiful handmade quilt. You can even use some of your old clothes or t-shirts that are sewn in between to give your baby the comfort of your smell when you are away. Attaching a small plush toys with this quilt is the rage these days as your little one will have something to snuggle up with and even play while he falls asleep.

Mama and Peaches hopes to make your journey with your little one delightful with customized subscription boxes. These boxes come with baby care products and a range of fun toys that are perfect for your little one. And what’s more, there are wonderful goodies for mama as well. Have you subscribed to your box yet?



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