Birthday Gifts For Expecting Mothers India Online

Birthday Gifts For Expecting Mothers India Online

Women love surprises, and birthdays are always special to women no matter how old they turn each year. This excitement doubles for an expectant mother and so, you might have to think twice what birthday present could make her day! Below are 9 birthday presents that can get a bright glow on your to-be-mommy’s face and make her birthday a little more special. Explore The Shop Home

#1. Pamper With A Spa/Massage

Pregnancy brings along uncomfortable changes where the body experiences painful phases that take away all the energy. Gifting a spa/massage will de-stress her mind and body, and also get her some time away from regular routine. You can combine massage with clean-up sessions like hair care, pedicure, manicure etc. to pamper her a little extra on her birthday.

#2. Craving Jar

Cravings are one of the most critical phases during pregnancy and it might be difficult to satisfy those cravings each time. Pack multiple chocolates, candies, cookies and everything that she loves and would crave for into a big birthday jar and gift her. This will surely bring a bright smile on her face.

#3. Wardrobe Transformation

When the clothes get smaller and the size gets bigger, it’s time for a wardrobe change, isn’t it? Gift the mommy-to-be with different variety of clothes for different occasions that she can wear through her pregnancy. You may include customized loose tees with different quotes that she can wear and flaunt her baby bump in style.

#4. Comfy Footwear Packed With Goodies

Wearing regular footwear might seem to get a little difficult as the pregnancy develops. This is when she needs those comfy slip-ons that she can wear and walk around bearing those extra pounds. You can shop online for trendy and cushioned slip-ons and fill them up with few goodies like her favorite nail polish, miniature lotions and some chocolates too!

#5. Help Her Stay Fit

Gaining pregnancy weight is normal but losing this weight makes every woman anxious. Help the mommy-in-making stay fit during her pregnancy by gifting her fitness classes that will keep her active and physically strong throughout her pregnancy. Moreover, the atmosphere in the classes will help her stay positive and happy throughout the day.

#6. Capture those special moments

Make the pregnancy special by gifting a maternity shoot to capture these special moments with her baby bump. You can get a little creative and capture them yourself and gift her the photographs wrapped in a colorful frame or a photo album and surprise her on her birthday. The joy on her face would definitely be priceless.

#7. Post-Delivery Essentials

Honestly, there is barely any time or energy a new mommy will have, to shop for herself. Gifting nursing essentials like nursing bras, breast pump etc. and baby essentials like diapers, baby care products all packed in a big trendy bag would prove to be a big help and an amazing gift to an expectant mother.

#8. Gift Her Some Skin Care Essentials

Pregnancy makes women naturally glow up and prettier than ever. Light up her glow by gifting skin care essentials like body oils and fragrant lotions, essentials like stretch mark oil, nipple cream, foot-care cream, and may be a facial kit to complete the set.

#9. Invest In A Maternity Chair And Pillow

Women spend most of their time sitting during pregnancy. Gift your loved one with a comfortable chair and a pillow to stretch and lay upon and pass her day. You may choose chairs with a stool that can be used to rest her sore legs and provide her that extra comfort. checkout our Shop-Gifts For New Mamas