Present For A Pregnant Friend (Not The Baby)

Present For A Pregnant Friend (Not The Baby)

There is priceless joy in comforting your pregnant best friend. With the uncomfortable physical and emotional changes she is going through, receiving a gift from her bestie can simply make her day. Follow the below options to help you choose what you can gift your best friend to-be-mother just to see her face glow Explore The Shop Home Check Our Gift Shop

Boxes for Pregnancy

#1. A Comforting Pre-Natal Massage

Gift your friend a soothing pre-natal massage for some relaxation indeed. This would be the perfect surprise with no special occasion required, as the sudden weight gain would get her body craving for some pampering. Add a combination of skin care and beauty services to complete the package.

#2. Baby Journal

Sailing through 9 crucial months is a hell of a task for a woman and she would definitely go through a million moments worth penning down. Buy or create a baby journal yourself, for her to record every special moment of her maternal journey. It is a great gift as the journal can be her companion for emotions she could barely express to anyone.

#3. Complete Maternity Set

When you share a special bond with your to-be-mother friend, you definitely know her preferences. Caress her with a complete package of maternity wear right from lingerie to casual dresses, pyjamas to maternity denims, oversized T-shirts to comfy foot wear. This gift will make her tough pregnancy pleasant as there is nothing like comfortable clothing after all!

#4. Self-Care Kit

As pregnancy develops, parlor visits get difficult. Choose the best products your friend loves and can use at home and make a hamper. This may include Essential skin oils, night creams, nipple cream, abdominal oils, foot care creams, etc. You can even combine a manicure-pedicure set to finish the look of your hamper.

#5. Pre-Booked Vacation

A pleasant holiday, before life gets busy for the next couple of months, is a great gift. Plan a special vacation with your friend to her favorite destination and this surprise can win you that sparkle you have been searching for in her. Make sure to plan the vacation keeping her pregnancy in mind. Second trimester should be a good time for you to plan this getaway.

#6. Her Private Time

Once she choose motherhood, your friend is forced to sacrifice your private time. But you can always help your friend overcome this situation. If your friend is not a first timer, make plans to spend time with her kids and take them on a day outing or simply babysit. This will give your friend some quality time with herself to do what she loves.

#7. A Trimester Hamper

Collate information on the essentials your friend would require through her trimesters and wrap them in cute little hampers to make it a big gift box. The hamper can contain every little thing that will make her pregnancy easy right from clothes to footwear, lingerie to accessories and even her favorite chocolates.

#8. A Bumper Craving Box

She is surely going to love you for this gift! Pick a funky basket and fill it with all her favorite chocolates, candies, cookies, pickles and everything you think she will crave for in the midnight. You can personalize by using an oversized T-shirt with funny quotes and wrap all her cravings into it.

#9. A Goody Loaded Subscription Box

Watch out for subscription boxes that will deliver gifts to your friend and keep surprising her at regular intervals with their gifting services. You can visit Mama and Peaches online store for more information and exciting deals on subscription boxes for your loved one.