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What To Eat When You Are Trying To Conceive

By October 15, 2018Baby Foods, Blog
Eating healthy when trying to conceive

There’s no doubt that most of the women make a switch from processed food to healthy food just for the sake of fertility. And, eventually, the slight change in eating habits during various phases of the cycle provides positive results for many.


According to Jill Blakeway, a fertility expert and author, “If a woman wants to maximize her chances of conceiving, it is possible to eat foods that are advantageous to each phase.” However, to make things more transparent for you, let’s discuss what food suits best during each of the four reproductive phases.



  • Menstruation Phase



This is a phase which depletes most of the iron stores from women body and therefore, experts advise to have food that’s rich in iron and protein. Food like fish, leafy greens and seeds contain anti-inflammatory properties which boost blood flow in the body.


Having plenty of Vitamin C is yet another tactic to enhance your chances of fertility. Avoid consumption of alcohol, caffeine and spicy food as it will make bleeding ponderous and affects hormonal balance.



  • Follicular Phase



At this stage, women body is all set to develop a healthy follicle due to which estrogen levels are comparatively high. During such time women should eat cruciferous veggies such as kale, cabbage and broccoli that helps in better estrogen metabolization. The addition of avocado nuts or olive oil will leverage the process as it contains Vitamin E which is a must for follicle fluid.



  • Ovulation Phase



Your body needs plenty of EFAs, Vitamin B and other nutrients during this phase as to reinforce the egg and process implantation. Women should eat whole grains, legumes, meat, fish, egg and drink plenty of water as it makes cervical mucus thin. Both acidic food and alkaline food make your cervical mucus averse to sperm, therefore, you need to stay away from them.



  • Luteal Phase



Finally, the phase where you need to emphasize on food that elevates cell growth. Consumption of leafy greens, yellow and orange coloured foods maintain hormones and prevent early miscarriage. Women should take soups and stews to maintain a high temperature in the body. Avoid the consumption of cold or raw foods such as frozen yogurt and ice cream which constricts the expansion.


Most of us don’t understand, but women’s body produces different hormones in different phases of the cycle and therefore requires a variety of Vitamins, nutrients and other foods to enhance fertility.


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