10 Safe Baby Bathing Tips

There’s something with the splashing of water and the little toys in there that make that time very pleasurable – and well, given a tub and fun things, who wouldn’t like some splish-splash time? But along with a great time for fun, bathing can be a tricky activity as well. Here are 10 tips for bathing your little ones, safely. 1. Never leave your Baby Unattended

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Even if they have learnt to sit down, or stand and walk, leaving them unattended for even a minute can be hazardous. Little children do have the tendency to drown in the bath tub.

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2. Avoid leaving the tap on The temperature of water from the tap may suddenly drop down or the sound of running water may be too intense for some children. 3. Use Warm Water Neither hot, nor cold, babies love bathing and splashing in water that is warm. You can test the water by dipping your elbow or dripping some water on your wrist to test the water temperature.

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4. Use clean toys for the water tub After you are done bathing, empty the water that got in to their toys and dry them thoroughly. Put them through a thorough wash once in a while to avoid bacteria and nasty things growing inside them due to moisture. 5. Say no to Soap And by that we mean soaps, shampoos, body washes and all other cleaning agents. You may want to clean their private with some gentle baby wash but try to wash them mostly with just warm water. You can use soap once or twice a week, or unless need be. 6. Engage in Play but not in a bubble bath Parents tend to allow some bubble bath to their little ones but prolonged exposure to those soapy chemicals not just dry out their skin, but also tend to cause UTIs. At all times, ensure that no water enters your baby’s mouth, ear, or other sensitive areas. 7. Keep other things away Parents tend to keep their toiletries, beauty and styling products, or even appliances like hair dryers in their bathrooms. Ensure that they are away from your child’s reach and they don’t pick and drag the items in to their bathing tub. 8. You don’t have to bathe your baby everyday With some newborns, bathing works extremely well, while, some of them find the activity very exhausting and tiring. Notice the signs your baby shows and decide accordingly. Bathing 2-3 times a week is also fine for newborns, even during summers. 9. Use a Nonskid Mat Baby tubs tend to lose balance especially when little ones begin to stand up or jump fiercely in them. Using a non-skid mat beneath the baby’s tub can be a wise decision. 10. Within Hands Reach Keep all baby products, towels, clothes, etc within arm’s reach so you don’t have to get up or leave the baby for even a fraction of a second. Bath time with the little ones is a session both parents and the children look forward to . Make sure it is fun and safe!

Happy Splish-Splashing! :)

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