5 Ways to Upcycle a Mama and Peaches Box

Are you looking for a gift box that is as heartening and useful, as its products within? Well, look nowhere else! Here are the ideal, pretty and quite enchanting boxes - by Mama and Peaches.

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These are not only relevant to all our mamas as they hold all the useful contents inside, but more so as they are truly special! With pretty ideas behind its design and classic brushstrokes of none other than the ‘avant-garde’. . .each month’s box is completely unique while maintaining the best quality.

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Here are some ways, in which this box could prove to be useful to you:
  1. Use it for storing Baby Accessories – Often we come across little knick knack that keeps lying around the house. Be it hair pins, rubber bands or even tiny pieces of jewellery, that need a place to rest. This box can keep all such stuff safe.
  2. Great for Preserving Keepsakes - Like cards, bookmarks and postcards, yada yada - We often run out of space for stuff that actually consumes 'no space'. This box is ideal if you are someone who likes to preserve handmade cards or lovely paper crafts, especially if your peach has a good hand at painting. :D
  3. Give as a Gift Box – Mama and Peaches boxes are apt for upcycling, in case you wish to gift someone a few handpicked products yourself! Well, it just adds to the beauty of the gift, you already have in mind.
  4. Ideal for Maintaining Stationery – As you know, stationery is another out of the many 'homeless' knick knacks in the house. This box can perfectly house all those abandoned crayons, pencils and forgotten sharpeners and stick-ons that seem to be just about everywhere, at our place.
  5. For A Pretty Room – Last but not the least, pray explain why you wouldn’t want something that could just sit pretty in a corner and add fervour, to the décor of your room!?

That’s it about the heavenly Mama and Peaches Box!

Go ahead and grab yours! 8-)