7 Ways to Make Bath Time a Fun Activity for your Toddler

Bath time is the most important part of a parent’s day. How can you pass up an opportunity to be clean and play at the same time? If there are exciting enough toys to play with, children will want to go in there! A great time for a bath is right before bed for most infants and toddlers. Bath time is a calming experience and will usually help your child calm down and feel sleepy. Both bath time and bed time can go hand in hand when timed correctly. It is important to make sure that bath time is not a traumatic experience where the child is crying because it will make it harder for you to get them to bed. The key to a successful bath time is making it a fun and positive experience.

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Here a few ways to make bath time fun:
  • Introduce new toys: New toys are the key to your success as a parent trying to make bath time fun! It does not need to always be new toys that are being bought, but they can be old toys from their toy chest that are now being played with in the bath tub.
  • Play with them: In order for bath time to be fun, children need someone to play with. Whether it be using bath time markers or letters on the walls of the tub, make sure they are laughing and smiling, making bath time a fun, positive experience.
  • Make it calming: Be sure to enjoy the time you are spending with your child in the bath, this is the last thing they will be doing before they go to sleep so it needs to be calming. Play some calming music or sounds to help soothe during this time.
  • Be consistent: Having the routine of getting in the bath every day and playing together will encourage children to know that it is bath time every night and that is just part of their nightly routine.
  • Bubbles: Bubbles make everything better! Don’t go overboard or they will just have too many bubbles and not enough room to play, but use them as a fun way to make hats or beards in the bathtub.
  • Singing: Singing together is always a great time and then making bath time about singing songs is a great bonding time together too.
  • Paint the walls: Have fun drawing on the walls with bubbles or water or shampoo suds. This will encourage children to want to have their hair washed and that they can play with the bubbles as they are being washed. There are also bath crayons and paints that can you can find to add to the fun!
Now that you have plenty of ways to make bath time fun with your children, it is time to start looking for the items to add into your bath time fun!

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