5 Tips to Help Your Toddler Love Brushing

If you know a toddler who wakes up and wants to go to the washroom and brush their teeth, first thing in the morning, then record the rare sighting! For everyone else, let us tell you, you and your toddler are not alone! The struggle of having a toddler brush their teeth, is a morning time nightmare. The struggle is real. Helping you ease through those years of early pearlies, today we will share some tips that worked for us.

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Here’s how you can help your little one get more comfortable with brushing their teeth! 1. Brush your teeth with them - Monkey see, monkey do - That’s absolutely true for little ones. Little ones like to imitate and replicate behavior they see often. Try your luck, may be if you brush your teeth with them it gets convenient! Hopefully, they would soon want to brush their own teeth with less drama too! 2. Make it fun - Sing, dance, wear masks, make funny faces, sing teeth brushing songs, even some days play videos – do whatever it takes to entertain them. If the activity would seem fun, your toddler would be all game to participate in it. Adding a yummy toothpaste and an adorable brush can also do great.

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3. Tell them why is it important - Telling them why brushing your teeth is important, is an interesting way to help them develop the idea of brushing, while they develop a dislike for the germs that sit and cause plaque. 4. Read Books - Books are everyone’s best friends, even for toddlers! Get appropriate books that motivate brushing or make brushing an interesting activity by their tales. Reading that book everyday can help your child feel motivated to try the activity of brushing for themselves.

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5. Motivate & Praise them - Even when humans are that tiny, praise and motivation does seem to find a way with them. Every small stroke that they get right, or every time they allow you to brush their teeth with no fuss, you can treat them to something they really like! Ta-daa!! That simple!!

Are there any tips that worked out for you? Share with us in the comments.

Do try these out and lets us know which of these tips worked best with your toddler?