5 Easy Baby-Proofing Ideas For Your Home

The minute you find out that you are pregnant, the motherly – protective instincts kick in. You can’t keep from worrying g about how to keep your unborn baby safe, but what about when she is born? Babies and toddlers are inquisitive, curious and want to touch, taste and smell everything, which is important for their development. However we don’t want them to touch the Wires, or put fingers in those sockets and what not! And that’s why Baby-Proofing the house even before the baby arrives is imperative!

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Before you start shivering because of all the catastrophe that can happen to your precious bundle of Joy, get down on the floor and see what can be dangerous for them, here are simple ways to baby-proof your home – Babyproofing Tip #1 COVER all sockets – I mean everything. Easier said than done. The easiest DIY is to use Packing tape on all the low lying sockets. Only the ones which are high enough for them to get to; are used for anything. Babyproofing Tip #2 Remove all the shiny Artifacts on side tables and keep them out of reach. The first thing they go under ( after the table ) is the side tables. And if you have anything on them, it’s bound to come crashing down! Never leave the baby on a higher piece of furniture alone ( even if you are sure she won’t move) like sofas, tables, Diaper-changing tables etc! I myself had an accident with a baby who wasn't supposed to roll at all and he rolled :( Babyproofing Tip #3 Never fill buckets with water and never leave bathroom doors open. If you have a front load washing machine, never leave it open when you aren’t there. Walk around touching every piece of furniture to check sharp edges. Use Pool Noodle for sharp edges, easy and good. Babyproofing Tip #4 Lock the cabinets, keep plastic vessels in the cabinets that can be easily reached by baby, and check all drawers on their level to see if they have anything that’s dangerous. Keep away Medicines in upper cabinets.

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Babyproofing Tip #5 In case of glass on your TV cabinets or other pieces of furniture, use bubble wrap on them, just cello tape the packing bubble wrap. I had the glass door of my TV unit broken after my kids banged their car/ scooters/ other vehicles multiple times.

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As always, it's never about furniture breaking, or artifacts falling - it's always about Babies safety! These are some basic simple ideas to get you started on you Baby-Proofing Journey!

Always remember... We learn as we go! :)

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