10 Tips for Pregnancy Care During Summer

Pregnancy is all about raging hormones, off the hook emotions and so many physical changes. Add the blazing summer heat to this and this wonderful period of your life could turn into a nightmare. Here are 10 tips to beat the heat and enjoy your pregnancy:

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  1. Drink lots of water: Keeping yourself hydrated with at least eight glasses of water every day ensures that you do not have to deal with issues like dehydration. This will not only make you extremely uncomfortable but can also lead to many health issues.
  2. Get in the pool: Choose a water prenatal aerobics class or just get some dip time in a shallow pool. This also strengthens your muscles and helps you get healthier.
  3. Schedule naptime- Sleeping is a great way to beat the stress of heat. Help your body recharge itself with some dedicated naptime every day.
  4. Always keep your feet elevated: Pregnancy can lead to additional issues like swelling of the feet and ankles. Whenever you have a chance, keep your feet elevated. To make it more relaxing, cover your feet with a damp towel.
  5. Choose loose clothing: Loose t-shirts, cotton dresses and maternity shorts are the way to go. Make sure the fabric that you choose breathes well to keep yourself cool this summer.
  6. Invest in a cool wrap: Cool wraps contain a gel inside that can be activated with some water. It is guaranteed to keep you cool for hours.
  7. Take long baths: A nice soak in the tub with lukewarm water and some scented candles alongside not only relieves you of the stress of pregnancy but also beats the heat very well.
  8. Finish your chores early in the morning: If you love cleaning and doing some work around the house, try to get it done early in the morning. The lower temperature at this time will prevent unwanted stress.
  9. Eat light: Eat smaller portions so you don’t feel too full and uncomfortable. Include fruits and vegetables that are high in water content to keep yourself hydrated in the process.
  10. Plan your outdoor time: Make sure you get some fresh air early in the morning or in the evenings when the temperatures are lower. It is best to stay indoors during the warmer parts of the day to keep your body cool.
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