Baby things to buy before birth

Baby on the way? Don’t wait for the last minute to buy all the baby care essentials. Just before the baby arrives, you will be scrambling for time. So it is best that you head out right now and make sure that you have these 10 essentials that you should have before the baby arrives.

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  • Baby bottles and breast pump: With most moms heading back to work after baby arrives, a breast pump is a great assistant for breast feeding. You will also need at least 2 good quality baby bottles for times when you may have to give the baby formula.

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  • Diapers: You can never have too many diapers because babies are on the job around the clock. Keep 4-5 large boxes of newborn diapers ready before your little one is home.
  • A bassinet or crib- The baby will need to have a bed of his or her own. A crib or bassinet is a good idea. Make sure that the mattress and the sheets fit snugly into the crib to avoid any hazards to the little one.
  • Swaddle blankets: Wrapping the baby in a comfortable swaddle blanket will keep him feeling secure and warm. You can choose specially made swaddle blankets or can even use square shaped blankets made from light fabric.

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  • Baby car seat: This is extremely important for your baby’s safety. It is never a good idea to hold the baby in your lap when you are traveling by car. For all those visits to the park, family outings or even visits to the doctor, you need a secure baby car seat.
  • Ice packs and Maxi pads: This is a must-have for mom. There will be heavy vaginal bleeding for up to five days of having the baby. Use maxi pads instead of tampons as they are less likely to cause any infections. The ice pack will help take care of any soreness that you experience.
  • Baby clothes: From onesies, undershirts, jackets, cloth diapers, pajamas to caps, socks, booties and mittens, make sure that you have at least four sets ready before the baby arrives.
  • Burp cloths: Babies need to be burped after a meal. A burp cloth over the shoulder is a must if you want to keep all your clothes from being ruined.
  • A baby bath tub: A small baby bathtub with a “no-slip” floor is very important. This will make bath time easy for you and the baby as well.
  • Baby bath products: Keep baby soaps, shampoos and powders ready for when the baby arrives. It will save you from those last minute store visits.
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