Do new and innovative baby products excite you? Are you thrilled like a child when you come across something that is designed especially to make life easier for new parents? Well, we definitely are! At Mama & Peaches, we are always on the lookout for great products that are unique and add to the joy of parenthood. With so many products being released every day, the baby care industry definitely has some amazing offing’s for the new age parents. Therefore, we scouted and treasure hunted to bring to you seven of some awesome baby products that are masterpieces by themselves; designed perfectly to help you manage the small struggles of early mamahood. Take a look!

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4 MOMS ORIGAMI PRAM With a name as intriguing as the product itself, here is a pram that folds and unfolds by itself. Perfectly mimicking the tucks and folds of an origami creation, the 4Moms Origami Pram is the perfect baby buggy, every mom would love to use. Simply press a button with just one finger and even as you hold the baby, the bag, and the paraphernalia; watch the pram effortlessly foldout or unfold back within seconds. Link - https://www.4moms.com FRIDABABY WINDI THE GASSPASSER Unable to calm your crying baby? Maybe it’s a bad case of a gassy stomach. Fridababy Windi the Gasspasser is just what you need. Simply use it like a rectal thermometer and let the gas pass naturally! Link - https://www.fridababy.com BUZZ B NAIL TRIMMER If trimming your little one’s nails gives you goose bumps every time, the Buzz B Nail Trimmer is made just for you. Featuring the smoothest oscillating trimmer, this product facilitates gentle clipping of your baby’s nails. You even get different grits to match the different stages of growth. THE STOKKE HOME CRADLE Here is a cradle so smart that it takes over and puts the baby to sleep on its own! The light, breathable fabric and the soft sway of the cradle soothes your baby instantly and helps her sleep comfortably. It is light in weight and can be moved from one room to another with ease, whenever you want. Link - https://www.stokke.com/en-in/407101.html MAGNETIC ME ONESIES No more fussy clips and buttons that make it impossible to get your baby into a onsie. Here is the Magnetic Me Onesie that comes with magnetic fasteners, which are super quick and easy to clip right into place. All you need to do is slip the baby into the onesie. Less time on the onesie means more playtime for mommy and baby. Link - https://magneticme.com/ NURSELET Don’t you wish your wardrobe was breast feeding friendly? It is hard enough to hold the baby, let alone holding the baby and the fabric of your clothes in place while you feed the little one. NursElet is the most genius invention for moms, by a mom! Simply clip it on and enjoy a more organized, hands-free feeding experience. Link - https://www.nurselet.com/ DODDLE AND CO PACIFIER Tired of following the 5 second rule and washing your pacifier every time your baby drops it on the floor? Fret no more, Doddle and Co brings you a beautifully engineered pacifier where the nipple pops right into a shell when your baby drops it, keeping it from getting dirty! Link - https://doddleandco.com/ MAMA AND PEACHES TRIES TO BRING YOU THE BEST FROM AROUND THE GLOBE FOR YOUR BABY IN THEIR MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION BOXES. JUST SIGN UP FOR A SUBSCRIPTION PLAN AND GET A BOX OF SURPRISES EVERY MONTH.