12 Best Gifts for 2 year old

As your toddler turns two its time to introduce some fun elements that initiate learning, play, and exploration for the little one. What is better at that age than to gift your peach some fun toys that are perfect for her age. If you are looking for the ideal gift for a two year old, here are some of the best picks to choose from. The options include developmental toys, puzzles, imaginative toys, and educational toys for two-year olds.

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  • Books
This is the right age to initiate kids into the world of books, to help develop healthy reading habits. Initially you may have to read out to your little one to instill this habit. There are a number of books to choose from. Touch and feel books, sound books, pop up books, and bedtime stories are great choices to pick from.
  • Puzzles
This is the right age to introduce puzzles to your kids and make them understand that smaller parts fit with the bigger ones to make them whole. You will get puzzles with 2 to 5 pieces, which are apt for the kids this age. This will help them to concentrate and be constructive.
  • Art materials
One of the perfect 2-year-old birthday gifts is arts and DIY kits. These are a great way to develop creativity in your child. Play doughs, giant crayons, paper tearing crafts, mega color books, sticker activities, are good options to start with.
  • A Tricycle
Tricycles make for fun gifts for two year olds. They pave way to good physical activity, while instilling a sense of control and balance in the child.
  • Giant Lego Blocks
Lego is one of the best gifts for two-year-old boys and girls as it helps to develop creativity and also helps enhance focus and concentration while your little one stacks and joins these mega blocks. These blocks come in different sets as per the age groups. Therefore, you can keep increasing the complexity as your little one grows.
  • Ride-on toys
Ride–on toys are a great physical activity for two-year old kids which can prove to be very useful to keep them busy and give a relax time for their mommies. There are many ride-on cars, bikes, bus, and jeep and so on. These can be with kinetic energy as well as push toys.
  • Matching the cards
This is an indoor game in which we need to match the cards as per the instructions. These can be animal and kids cards, matching cards, color matches, number matches, fruits and vegetables matching cards. This game develops concentration, thinking, and imagination power.
  • Scooters and Mini scooters
A lightweight scooter (2 wheels at front and 1 at back) is designed for 2 year olds, which are best sellers as gifts for these toddlers. They come with a foot brake and lean-to-steer mechanism.
  • Zingo
This is one of the favorite board game for all the kids and it has sets as per the age groups. It is best educational toys for 2 year olds as it has simple rules. This game is interesting for the elders as well.
  • Doodle board
A doodle board is a magnetic slate, which is a wonderful way to keep your child engaged for long. While the child is busy scribbling, paper wastage and color stains are not a worry anymore. This slate can be used to write as well as draw and it comes with 1 magnetic pen and 3-4 magnetic shapes.
  • Alphabets magnets
This has a set of 26 magnetic alphabets, which come with a board. It makes an ideal gift to initiate your toddler into the world of learning and recognition. This toy makes for a versatile addition to your child’s collection and can be used even as she learns spellings and makes sentences.
  • Leaptop
This is a kid’s laptop, which is very interesting. It is a perfect 2-year-old birthday gift as this is something every kid will want to have. It has a screen, which shows shapes, animals, play music, and teach the alphabets and numbers as well. This has multiple functions, which make learning more fun for the kids and the lightweight feature adds up to make your travel time easy.