10 Best Organic Baby Gifts

Thinking green has become the new mantra for the modern parents. Our kids want us to look at the world from new eyes and make us aware of our responsibilities towards our planet Earth. We spend months researching the different baby products and its effects on them. We want to make our homes baby proof so that they are as safe as possible for the new bundle of joy. Hence choosing products that are organic and made up of products which are safe for the baby as well as our planet is vital.

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Here we have some best organic baby gifts:
  • Plush Veggies
These adorable plush veggie toys are one of the best sellers when it comes to best organic baby products. These plush toys are stuffed with 100% organic Egyptian cotton and are also made attractive to be a fun toy for the babies.

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  • Soft swaddle blankets
Every newborn needs a soft swaddle blanket so that they are wrapped cozily and can feel relaxed. This basic, light weight and breathable cotton swaddle blanket is made up of pure organic cotton so that it is soft and gentle for the baby’s skin and protects the baby from weather changes as well.
  • Organic Reversible baby bib
We know that feeding your baby is a tough and a messy job. We can make the meal time fun with this bib which is made up of buttery organic cotton and comes in various prints and colors. This also comes in a combo pack which can be one of the best organic baby gift.

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  • Reusable snacks bag
Instead of keeping lots of plastics and boxes with snacks in your diaper bag; use this organic 100% cotton bag to pack your baby’s snacks while going out or travelling. This re-usable bag can be machine-washed and can be used repeatedly avoiding the plastics.
  • Organic baby carrier
This is one of the best organic baby gifts, which can prove to be very useful for the new mommies. This is made up of 100% organic cotton fabric which is gentle on your baby’s skin. The ergonomic design helps the baby to sit comfortably in a frog leg position and has stuffed strips which help the mom to carry the baby easily and also had a flip to cover your little one from sun.
  • Organic pull toys
These toys are made up from sustainable rubber wood and coated with organic color pigments for a vibrant finish.
  • Wooden baby teethers
These wooden teethers are made up of sustainable wood and come in different animal shapes. Hence, they are safe to use for your baby’s mouth.

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  • Organic cotton baby pillow
This pillow is made up of 100% certified cotton fabric and it has hypo-allergic features. This will help your baby rest and sleep peacefully.
  • Organic goat hair brush
This is a set of two brushes, which has one comb, and another brush, which is made up of goat hair. This is completely organic and also gentle for your baby.
  • Convertible crib
This is a 3-in-1 crib, which is made up of sustainable pinewood and has non-toxic and lead free finish. This can be converted into a toddler bed and later a guest room daybed.