Teaching Toddlers To Brush

It is vital to learn about oral care at an early age. Learning good oral hygiene and habits like brushing your teeth, floss, cleaning your tongue are important to teach the kids at a tender age so that they inculcate these habits in their daily routine. Some basic tips to teach the kids to brush are as follows:

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  • Give a demo
Kids learn quickly when they see the things as they try to imitate the actions. Make him/her see how you and your partner brush your teeth in the morning and before going to bed. This will help him/her understand that it is a routine and needs to be followed.

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  • Turn it into a game
Make it a fun activity. Buy a couple of extra brushes and let your kid play with them. Let him brush the teddy’s teeth and so on.
  • Let them shop
When you are buying brushes, make a point to let the kid make his choice to pick a toothbrush. Let it be colorful and something related to toys with music or lights. This will make him/her to be close to it.
  • Take turns
Initially when a toothbrush is introduced to the kid, he/she wants to do everything by himself/herself. So initially you can let him to it but then you can take turns partially. And slowly take control of it so that you brush his/her teeth in a right way.

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  • Play copycat
Kids imitate and learn quickly. So you brush along with your kid and he/she will learn to do it correctly within no time.
  • Help in finishing up
Most toddlers will not be able to finish up completely on their own and hence you need to help them finishing up by helping them wash the brush, wash the face and hands and wiping it dry.
  • Lower your expectations
Always keep your expectations low when it comes to kids. He/she may not be able to brush correctly all the time and you need to let go it sometimes or you can help them brush properly by taking the control. These early lessons are more for installing them in the routine so that once it is set then other steps fall in place. Toddlers really do not understand why they need to brush their teeth no matter what stories we tell them and hence it is vital to make this as a habit from a very early age.