Best Nursing Bras in India for New Moms

Breastfeeding is one of the biggest challenges that any new mom faces after delivery. Hence, a great nursing bra goes a long way to make the breastfeeding mum comfortable. It also helps prevent breast engorgement, sagging, and swelling if worn correctly. A maternity or nursing bra is one of the crucial things a new mother needs to buy immediately after the baby is born and better still, should have one in the hospital bag itself. Several brands offer a range of different designs in nursing bras. The most important points to consider however are the ease of use and a comfortable fit. Breasts undergo many changes during pregnancy and lactation.

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That is why getting a good nursing bra is vital, not only to maintain the shape of one’s body, but to also feel relaxed and comfortable. Best Nursing bras in India
  • Lovable non-wired leak proof bra
This bra is made up of 98% cotton and 2% lycra and it is also leak proof which is perfect for new moms. It has a broad back band, which offers better support and comfort. It is a seamless bra with padding and comes non-wired so that you need not worry about clogged ducts. The bra cups can be completely opened too for ease of feeding. It comes in sizes ranging from 36 to 40.

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  • Triumph Non-wired Nursing Bra
Triumph is a very popular brand, which offers a range of nursing bra designs. It provides good support and comfort for the mothers and it comes with a wide back band, making it an easy all-day wear. It comes with stretchable cups for added comfort.
  • Lamaze sleep bra
Lamaze is an imported bra and a little expensive when compared to the other sleep bras but it is a boon for plus size mothers. It has a simple crossover design, which is more comfortable for feeding at night. The sizes available, range from 32 to 43.

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  • Mothercare feeding bras
There are different types of nursing bras in this brand. For the basic bras, you can go for ‘blooming marvelous’ design and for the plus sizes you can opt for the ‘belly bandit’. This brand comes with padded bras with or without wire and hence you can choose as per your comfort.
  • Nursing bras from NEXT
This is a UK brand, which comes with simple designs in nursing bras, but they have a great fit. They are very soft and gentle on your skin and are crafted from the finest cotton, which protects your skin from irritations and allergies.
  • Fabme Non-Wired Nursing Bra
This is one of the best available maternity bras available in Indian market. They are affordable and value for money. These bras are made up of 100% cotton, have high coverage, and the belts and hooks are stretchable to provide a good support for the breasts. The Fabme nursing bras are non-wired and feature a pull down opening which is perfect for nursing.
  • LIBERTI – LW All Day Soft Shoulder Belt Bra
This nursing bra is designed keeping in mind the comfort and ease of new mothers. This bra is perfect for weaning and feeding the baby. The fabric used is soft cotton, which is gentle on your skin and keeps irritations away. The cross-fit and pull down opening design make this bra easy to use during nursing. Motherhood is a beautiful journey and we at Mama and Peaches love to make it even more enjoyable for you with the lovely selection of products in our subscription boxes. So, go ahead and get your box today. There is something for both you and your peach in these boxes.