5 Reasons - Why Bath Time is a Bonding Time for Mama & Baby

Babies need time to be nurtured and loved in order to flourish in their growth. One way as a mommy that you can provide this nourishment is, by spending time with your child while they are bathing. For working moms especially, bath time is a time that you get to spend with your child exclusively without distractions. While bathing your child there are many ways that you can make it beneficial to both mommy and baby. Not only are you showing them that you care about them by being careful as you are pouring water over their head to avoid their eyes, but a bath is part infant essentials.

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How is a baby’s bath time considered bonding for mommy and baby? Here are a few ways: -Actively spend time together. Bath time is a part of your daily routine as an infant mother. Picking a time every night to do a bath will help with having a set time for bonding with your baby and for using a routine to help initiate sleep. -Have conversations and sing. Talking to your baby even though they might not understand every word is important to get them listening and hearing your voice. Singing together or singing to them can help soothe them. -Read together. Babies are like sponges. When reading together in the bath tub, whether they can understand the book or not, the more exposure to words the better. The more colorful and exciting the pictures are the more your baby will want to look at it. -Electronic Free Zone. Make bath time a fun time for you and your baby. Keep your phone and other distractions out of the bathroom. Let this be a time that you can full immerse your attention on your child. Just remind yourself how wonderful this little person is and how wonderful they are. -Talk about your child’s day. Talk to your child about their day about what they did. This is a great way to learn more about your child and get them talking!

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Some infant accessories that you should have at bath time with you are bubbles, baby shampoo, bath toys, a baby bath tub, soft facecloth and towel. Between having the right necessities and spending time together, bath time should be an important part of the end of the day. Your baby may be looking forward to bath time more than you know when you make it a special experience between mommy and baby so make sure to include it in part of your routine.

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