#HappyRenewYear : What we featured in our January Box!

Aren't 'Resolutions' the first thing on everyone’s minds, as the new year approaches…? Of course they are and so they struck our minds too! And guess what we wanted as our resolution, this 2018?

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To give you some serious renewal goals at it’s onset! 8-) Well, just kidding…we had some of the best 'wellness' products for you in the January Box! ;) They weren’t just useful to all our lovely mamas…but heartening too! :

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1. Sophie La Giraffe So Pure Balls Well one of the great ways to keep your baby busy. An accessory for stimulating your peach’s grip and fine motor skills. Made of 100% natural rubber, it can be chewed on safely to ease teething problems too! 2. Raw Juice A blend of raw juices and a reminder for you to detox and lead a healthier lifestyle. 3. Gummy Wear Teething Bangle A cool silicone accessory for Mama to wear. While we know your hands are full, this versatile wrist-band/bangle will not just accompany you but also ease the teething pains of your peach! 4. Copper Mug by Tjori The pure copper mug which imparts the properties of copper into water…An ideal way to keep your system healthy! 5. Mama Earth Baby Sunscreen This is a toxin free sunscreen for your peach. Isn’t it as important for our babies to wear sunscreen as it’s for us? This mineral-based baby sunscreen is perfect for those long walks in the park or even their first swim!

So, that was all about January folks...A relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing month, indeed! ;)