5 Ways to Workout During Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, many people believe they should not be working out or doing anything related to fitness during this 9 month time frame because it could be bad for the baby. As a new mommy, know that this is just not true. Working out during your pregnancy is not only necessary, but essential to your health! Yes, there are types of exercises that you should avoid during pregnancy, however, that does not mean every single exercise should be avoided!

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But what type of exercises would be good for you and the baby during pregnancy? Anything that is low impact to your body is important. The one piece of advice that all pregnant women need to remember is to always keep moving. The best way to exercise during pregnancy is to just keep moving. It is so easy to sit around and do nothing, especially if this is your first child, because you are tired! We all know the feeling, especially if you are pregnant during the winter when it is cold out or the extreme heat in the summer. Here are 5 exercises you can do during pregnancy:
  1. Yoga: Yoga is the best way to pregnant women to exercise. I would suggest looking into prenatal yoga classes but if there are none offered near your home, then you can always practice yoga in the comfort of your own home. There are a few poses that you will need to modify, but it is low impact on the body and also very soothing to do daily. Designate a time in the way when you will be doing your exercise to make it a constant in your daily life. Yoga encourages flexibility, relaxation and deep breathing – all preparing you for birth.

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  1. Swimming: Not only will you be getting exercise while swimming, but you will also be releasing tension off of your back from the weight of your belly. Water can also help with sciatic nerve pain and puffy ankles because it looses all your ligaments. If there are any water aerobic classes that you could sign up for in your area, it is highly suggested. The water helps with having low impact on your body but still getting the workout that you need.

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  1. Walking: Many people think that walking is not really considered an exercise but they are mistaken. Walking is an important part of a necessary exercise routine. You can also continue this exercise all the way up to your due date. You can change the pace of how you are walking, the incline that you are walking and you also do not have to do this activity alone. The great part about walking is that you do not need to spend extra money on a gym membership or exercise classes because you can do this inside or outside. Walk around the mall, go for a slight incline hike, walk around the track at the local high school, walk around the town/market, etc.

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  1. Dancing: Zumba is a good exercise that pregnant women can do, but there are a few moves to avoid. Leaps, jumps and twirls are all moves that you should avoid. If you are in a group class, the instructor will most likely be able to tell you how to modify what they are doing for you. You can also just turn up the music in your living room and do some dancing there as well. The baby will enjoy the music too!

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  1. Pilates: While pregnant, pilates can help you address lower back pain and balance – two thingst that change drastically when pregnant. If you are doing pilates with an instructor, they will tell you what to modify when working with you. If you are practicing at home, make sure to avoid poses where you lie on your back or twisting at the midsection.

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Jennifer O'Shea