Top 5 Healthy Baby Weaning Foods

It is time for your baby to start eating , but what should you give them? Between 4 and 6 months you can start weaning your baby off breast milk/formula and start adding in more solid foods to their diet. Being a new mom, it is difficult to know when is the right time, what to give them, how to have them eat it, and just being super nervous to get this process started. It is not just an easy step for a mom though, this means that your baby is getting a little bit older and sometimes it is hard to let go, but it is important for their health to start during this age range so that it can help them grow up healthy.

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Making a list of organic baby products is the first place to start. If you have a Baby Bullet or a baby food maker, using organic fruits and vegetables is the right way to go. Remember, your child will not always like every single food you give them, and they may like some more than others and that is ok! Here are the top 5 food to start your infant with to help wean away from breast milk and formula: 1. All fruits are great ways for infants because they can be made into baby food, they can be frozen and used to suck on, they can also be eaten in small bites as well. Fruits are tasty and provide important nutrients for your child. Some great choices to start with are apples, mangos, pears and watermelon.

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2. Any and all vegetables are a great place to start as well. Some vegetables do not have the best taste to babies so it is important to find ones that taste yummy and potentially mix and match if you are creating your our puree or baby food. Vegetables are a necessity though, do not disregard them if your child does not care for them. If you are weaning them off of breast milk or formula, then it is essential that you have vegetables in your diet.

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3. Giving your child protein is an important piece of weaning them off of breast milk and formula where they are receiving all of their protein. A good age to start meats is 7 months and over. You can make it into a mixture with sweet potatoes or regular potatoes to add to it. If you are using the Baby Led Weaning method, I would suggest slow cooker or crock pot to cook the meats like chicken or turkey. 4. Introducing plain whole milk yogurt to your child is great around the age of 9 months. They can be eaten in puree form or even in an ice pop frozen. They also have yogurt bites that your child can eat as well.

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5. A great snack for your child that is full of healthy fats. It has a mild taste and can be mixed with breast milk or formula to help weaning. It can also be made into a puree to be eaten.

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Always check with your doctor prior to beginning weaning just to make sure it is the right time for your child. When searching for these foods, find the organic fruits and vegetables if you are making your own puree baby food, it is a the healthier choice for your child. Also Checkout-10 Key Foods To Build Your Baby's Brain Development Toddler food safety-8 Chocking Hazards Every Parent Should be Aware Of

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