Every Mama is an inspiration. As we make our way towards Mother’s Day, we look at the wonderful mothers who inspire us, and encourage women around the world to be more, love more and create more. #ThatMamaLife

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KATE MIDDLETON Royal by all standings. Kate inspires every Mama to give back and be grateful for all the love and blessings she has been showered with. Here’s looking at this new Mama! MARY KOM Who doesn’t know the joy of juggling work and your babies? Mary Kom sure does. Mary doesn’t just inspire us to be better versions of ourselves, but also to be better Mamas to our babies. SUNITA WILLIAMS Those who have reached the greatest of heights. A Mama, truly out of the world. Sunita Williams puts the brilliance in work-life balance. If her life is a testament of anything, it’s that nothing is ever an obstacle. TINA FEY Ever so frustrated you begin laughing? Well Tina Fey will give you a reason to. Whether it’s showing up on Primetime Television to make fun of her adorable kids or questioning her own parenting skills, thanks for keeping it real, Tina! INDRA NOOYI Is here anyone who isn’t inspired by this business woman? Giving women a new lease to life, this Pepsi dynamo is a mother beyond inspiration. Every Mama wants her Peach, whether a son or a daughter, to be exactly like her. ALYSIA MONTANO If there’s one thing every Mama has learned from her journey as a mother, it’s running around your little one. Who’s aced it? Alysia Montano! Nothing stops her. Not even a growing Peach in her belly! More power to you, Alysia!