Pregnancy Workouts: Best 10 Minute Workout

Want to stay fit during your pregnancy? It does not require a lot from you considering that pregnancy is already a great deal of work. All you need is ten minutes of your day to get your muscles going. Here is a simple ten-minute workout that you will absolutely love. What you will need You will need a pair of very light weights, about 1- 2 kgs, comfortable workout gear and a bottle of water.

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How does this routine work? Complete 10- 15 repetitions of each workout and move to the next one. Complete the entire circuit twice. The workout plan Before you begin this routine, make sure that you consult your doctor to ensure that it is all right for you to go ahead. Here is a list of exercises in this circuit. Squat curl and knee lift Hold the weights in either hand. Then slowly go down in a squat with your knee in line with your ankle. When you come up, curl your bicep and lift the right knee up. Repeat this on the other side as well. This is one count.

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Arnold Press Stand with your feet at shoulder distance. Hold the dumbbell in either hand. Keep the arm close to your body, with the palm facing in. Now lift the weight overhead. As you do this rotate the wrists out. Come back to the starting position and repeat again. Lunge to lateral raise Hold the weights in either hand. Step back with the left leg and bend the knee through 90 degrees. Bring the leg back to the starting position. As you come up lift your arms to the side into a lateral raise. Repeat on the other side to complete one count.

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French press Stand with your feet at shoulder distance. Hold one dumbbell with both hands. Now lift it overhead. Slowly bend your elbows to lower the weight behind your head. Keep your elbows tucked in. Bring the weights back to the starting position. Side plank on the forearm Lie down on one side. Keep your feet together. Then rest your elbow and lift your hips up. Your body should come to a complete side plank position with the weight of your body on the elbow. Lower your body and complete the repetitions. Then switch to the other side and repeat. Mama and Peaches encourages good health for mom and the baby. This is why we pack in several healthy products that you both can enjoy through this wonderful phase. Subscribe to a box now to get a collection of products ranging from gourmet foods, healthy drinks, bath and beauty products, essential oils and a lot more every month at your doorstep.