Isn’t there really something about Christmas time?! When winter is coming don’t we all wish for that long Christmassy holiday break?!

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Ah! The silent night, by the fireplace…with snow-flakes covering chimney tops and filling up the streets…That’s the holiday vibe, fellas! When Santa Claus is in town and when the Jingle bells rock, ‘All you want for Christmas’ could be that wish, which finally comes true!! Look who’s playing the ‘Secret Santa’ for adorable mamas and the peaches, thoughtfully curating and bringing to you, the monthly box with the oh-so-lovely Christmassy theme. With Mamas going gaga over organic and peaches going Goo-goo-Gaga over the temptation each month, here’s a box packed with loads of festivities and cheer of the winter season! Take a peek at what was inside our December Box:
  1. Ruby’s Organic Lip Tinted Red Cinnamon Lip Balm – The glossy red look this Christmas can be sported with this organic balm.
  2. Nestle in a Teepee Gingerbread Man Plushy – A great decorative plush toy for your baby nursery.
  3. Mama & Peaches Ring Dish - This pretty ring dish is awesome while you swell, though remember that the phase shall pass!
  4. Linfa Age Bath & Shower Gel with Aloe, Orange Blossom and Yarrow - A gentle gel with natural ingredients and great fragrance to help your skin stay hydrated this winter
  5. Poshtik Stretch Mark Prevention Oil – As the name suggests, is a healthy and natural oil to prevent stretch marks. Quite suitable post pregnancy as well, to cure the marks that sneak up.
  6. Baby Got Back Christmas Tree Teether – An adorable and Christmassy food grade silicon to help you ease your peach's teething discomfort and creating fun memories this festive season
  7. Vita Age Bimbo Softening Hydro-protective Baby Cream - A natural and hydrating baby cream to keep your peach's skin soft and moisturised during the winter.
  8. Little West Street Bib – A Christmasy bib to get your peach to feel festive too
  9. Gingerbread man cookie - Last but not the least, a healthy low sugar gingerbread man cookie-treat for you with our compliments! 😊
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