Baby Massage: Why and When You Need to Do It

Baby Massage: Why and When You Need to Do It

Infant Massage is not a new concept in parenting. In fact, it has a history. Proof of the early infant massage is found in ancient India. The body massages were just a remedy for relaxation- they were prescribed in the Ayurvedic medications as a remedy to improve blood circulation, get rid of harmful toxins, for betterment of digestive function, and improve overall well-being.

Today, we will let you know how much a new born baby is benefited from massage, especially for babies having low birthweight. Let’s get through why you need to massage your baby for a good health.

1. Improves Bonding Between Mom & Baby

Massage promotes positive bonding between mother and baby at an initial stage. The skin to skin touch and eye contact help improve connection with your baby. Also, your little one loves it when you’re around him/her.

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2. Health

Some of the physiological advantages of baby massage include improved breathing for your little one, improved blood circulation as well as gastrointestinal function. Also, it helps your baby to relax and feel happy!

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4. Relieves Gas/Constipation

Do you know the reason why babies are not able to burp by themselves? This is because of their underdeveloped sphincter in their food pipe/oesophagus. Due to this, they experience discomfort in the stomach as gas gets build up. Gently, massage the area under their rib clockwise to relieve gas and encourage good digestion.

5. Treats Various Conditions

Just like body massage treats various problems in adults, the same function is serves in the case of babies and young kids. For example, children having autism disorder are tested better after a massage therapy. Anxiety, Bulimia, and depression are some of the disorders that can be improved by just massaging body.

When You Should Massage Your Baby?

Try to fix a time for massaging when your little one is between feeds that is when he/she is neither too hungry nor too full. Also, make sure you don’t massage just before nap as it can disturb their sleep. The best time for baby massaging is when your baby is awake and settled. When you notice that your baby is enjoying time then you can begin with massaging.

If your baby is often feeding and sleeping, you may think when this golden opportunity will come to you to massage him/her. So, if this is the case with your little kid then you can perhaps set the time for massaging post giving a bath and prior to bedtime feed.

A massage prior to going to bed will assist your baby to unwind and relax and enjoy sleep.

Final Words

In nutshell, we want to inform parents that when you do baby massaging, your baby will be more alert, less stressed, and a difference in their disorder (if any) can be seen.

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